Founder's Feast Saddle Sore 1000!
Paris, Tx

October 12-16, 2010


Founder's Feast

SaddleSore 1000

(1000 miles in 24 hours)

Have you ever wanted to complete 1000 miles
and become an Iron Butt Association Member?

Are you already a IBA member and just want
to complete another SS1000?

If so, here your chance!!

Event Coordinator:   Kevin Lechner
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Ride Schedule
Date / Time Event / Location
Thursday, October 14
5:00 p.m.
Check in available -- Host Hotel Lobby
Friday, October 15
5:00 - 6:00 a.m
Saddle Ride Start
  • 5:00am - Start releasing Riders
  • 6:00am - All riders must be signed out
  • Saturday, October 16
  • 5:00am-6:00am -- Saddle Sore Ride Ends- 24 hrs after start receipt

  • 5:00am - 9:00am -- Submit Ride Documnetation to Ride Coordinator -- Hotel Lobby Area
  • There are two routes available to chose from,

    Route 1 - Texas Saddle Sore
    1037 miles

    Mandatory Stops:

    • Paris, TX
    • I-35 Exit 498 - Mear Gainsville, TX
    • I-20 Exit 414 - Near Weatherford, TX
    • I-20 Exit 80 - Near Monahans, Tx
    • I-20 Exit 414 - Near Weatherford, TX
    • I-35 Exit 498 - Mear Gainsville, TX
    • Paris, TX
    • Click here for Route in MS Streets & Trips '09

      Note: This route is entirely in Texas and qualifiesy as an Texas In-State Saddle Sore.

    Route 2 - Eastern Route Saddle Sore
    1022 miles

    Mandatory Stops:


    In addition to requiring the use of a DOT approved helmet on all MTF rides, the MTF strongly encourages the use of Motorcycle specific protective clothing and footwear while participating in any MTF event. ATGATT reduces the severity of injuries in an accident and we want every participant in our events to be as safe as possible. Also the MTF strongly encourages each participant in our events to self assess their riding style, interests, need for breaks and riding skill level and to keep that assessment in mind when choosing a riding partner or small group (2-4 riders) to ride with at our events. Sharing the road with someone of similar interests and riding style not only makes the ride more enjoyable for you, but safer for everyone.

    The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum reserves the right to accept or reject a rider's request to participate in this event & ride.

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