Ride Around Texas (RAT)

Paris, Texas
October 12-15, 2010 

Everyone knows everything is bigger in Texas, but have you ever wondered how big Texas really is?

Here's your chance to find out. Come ride around 3100+ miles of Texas with us and experience it for yourself.

The RAT is not for everyone, but if you like long distance riding, this will get you a big dose of what you need.

The RAT is being held in conjunction with the MTF's Founder's Feast. You'll probably want to stick around for the Founder's Feast, as it's sure to be a great time. The Founder's Feast does requires separate registration, so be sure to sign up.

Ride Coordinator:   Kevin Lechner
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This challenging ride is offered in two versions, The RAT Insanity and The RAT Insanity Gold. The rides differ only the amount of time allowed to complete them. All other aspects of the rides are exactly the same. Both rides are intended to be challenging and should be undertaken with the understanding that they require experience, planning, and maybe a little luck to complete. Almost all of this ride is on two lane roads. The idea is to hit the geographic corners of Texas, plus a few additional stops to keep the ride "interesting" and to prevent any temptation of taking a short cut.

The following time limits & prerequisites have been established for this ride.

RAT Insanity Gold

70 hours

  • Bun Burner Gold, -or-
  • any certified IBA ride of 2000 miles or more,
  • -or- a qualifying rally.
  • RAT Insanity

    85 hours

  • RAT Insanity - IBA membership

  • RAT Schedule
    Date / Time Event / Location
    Monday, October 11
    5:00 p.m.
    RAT Pre Ride Dinner - Magelís Grill
    Tuesday, October 12
    5:00 - 6:00 a.m
    RAT Ride Start
  • 5:00am - Start releasing Riders
  • 6:00am - All riders must be signed out
  • Friday, October 15
    ~3:00-4:00am -- RAT Insanity Gold Ride Ends- 70 hrs after start receipt

    ~6:00-7:00pm -- RAT Insanity Ride Ends - 85 hrs after start receipt

    Mandatory check points & Route

    The mandatory checkpoints where reciepts must be obtained are in the table below, along with their approximate mileage and leg distances.
    Location Mileage Leg mileage
    1. Paris 0 0
    2. Texarkana 92.4 92.4
    3. Port Arthur 366.2 273.8
    4. Port Bolivar 442.5 76.3
    5. Galveston 449.2 6.7
    6. Victoria 616.1 166.9
    7. South Padre Island 861.4 245.3
    8. Del Rio 1255.5 394.1
    9. Big Bend Panther Junction 1496.8 241.3
    10. Lajitas 1538.6 41.8
    11. Presidio 1588.2 49.6
    12. Anthony 1863.1 274.9
    13. Guadalupe Mountains N.P. 1990.6 127.5
    14. Kermit 2109.6 119
    15. Texline 2493.2 383.6
    16. Follett 2681.1 187.9
    14. Childress 2834.4 153.3
    18. Paris 3120.7 286.3

    Route Files

    RAT route in Microsoft Streets and Trips (2007)

    Click here to Download

    RAT route in Garmin Mapsource

    Click here to Download.

    Click here for the RAT route as a Webpage

    Witness forms and logs

    The witness form and stop log as Adobe PDF files can be

    downloaded here.

    Guidelines & Rules

    In addition to the below rules and guidelines, the MTF's Standard Long Distance Event Rules Apply to this event.

    Click here to read the MTF's Standard Long Distance Events Rules :

    The RAT Insanity Gold level is designed so that a well prepared and experienced long distance rider should be able to successfully complete it. There is no margin for error in this ride. The RAT Insanity level is a somewhat more forgiving but is not a trivial challenge and will require adequate preparation and experience in riding long distances.

    Both rides require that you keep your wheels turning. Time management is an extremely important aspect of these rides. These are not "canned" rides. All ride planning is left to the rider. We have made no suggestions as to rest stop locations, gas locations, or how you manage this ride. When planning this ride, it is extremely important that you take these stopping locations into account. Every rider is different and has different requirements for rest, gas, and riding distances. You will need to take these in to account as you plan your ride.

    When riders register they will declare what ride they are intending to ride. This is so we can verify the prerequisite. It should be noted that any rider who doesn't meet the prerequisite for The RAT Insanity Gold, but finishes in Gold time will not be certified as a Gold finisher. This is our best attempt to curb inexperienced riders from making the attempt. Riders that sign up for The RAT Insanity Gold but do not meet the time requirements for that ride and do meet the time requirements for The RAT Insanity ride will be shown as finishers of The RAT Insanity. Note that The RAT ride times are measured from Paris, TX to Paris, TX. Riders are to use the same Gas Station at the beginning and end of the ride.

    All riders must present a log with time/dated receipts from each of the mandatory locations, in the specified order, to be considered a finisher. If a receipt is unavailable at a location (we know this is extremely possible at some locations), please note the time, mileage, address and description of where you stopped. The mileage and time from your adjacent two documented stops will be used to validate stops where documentation is unavailable.

    All Standard Iron Butt Association Ride Rules apply. The only exceptions are the slight differences noted below, which are specific to this MTF event:

    1. All riders will start from and end in Paris, TX at the host hotel.
    2. All riders will ride clockwise.
    3. All riders will check-in with the MTF upon their return. Check-in instruction will be provided at the riders meeting.
    4. All riders will wear a helmet at all times while on a motorcycle during this event.
    5. All riders must present a log with time/dated receipts from each of the mandatory locations, in the specified order, to be considered a finisher. It may or may not be possible to get a receipt of any form in some of the locations you are asked to stop. We are fully aware of this and you don't need to bring it to our attention again. If you are unable to get a receipt please document the time, location, and your mileage at that point. We will not require photo's of these stops and they will not be considered as suitable documentation. We will use your mileage and the mileage of your previous and next documented stops to validate any stop where you can not obtain a receipt. It is possible that you may have successive stops where a receipt is not available. We don't think this is likely, but it is possible. The same procedures apply.
    6. Any rider exhibiting unsafe practices will be disqualified. Excessive speed is considered unsafe.
    7. All riders are required to check in with their emergency contacts or the MTF ride coordinator once every 24 hours unless you have provided your SPOT information as noted below. This allows us to have some clue about your location should you have any difficulties along the way. This is for your good as well as ours. Please comply with this simple request.
    8. If you use a SPOT or similar device, you will provide the link & any required password to the ride coordinator. This is simply for safety reasons, we want to be able to quickly locate you if something should happen. If you have a SPOT you don't need to check in as noted above.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Riders must register via the Jason Jonas' Ridemaster . All registration, including fees and prerequisite documentation must be finalized no latter than 15 days prior to the start of the event. All prerequisites must be met by the closing of the registration.


    Mementos for the ride will be available during registration for an additional fee. Mementos will be a four color plaque with a design similar to that shown above. The mementos will indicate either RAT Insanity Gold or Rat Insanity depending on which ride you completed. Your name and bike information will appear on the plaque as well. Mementos will be shipped to all finishers that order them after the ride is complete. If for some reason you are unable to complete the ride your fees for the memento will be refunded.

    IBA Certification

    IBA certification will be submitted by the MTF Long Distance Team after the event. Documentation will be collected during the checin in after the ride.

    I rode the RAT in Insanity Gold time, but didn't meet the prerequisites...

    If you on meet the prerequisites for the RAT Insanity, your ride will be certified as a RAT Insanity even if you ride the route at a "Gold" pace. On the other hand, if you meet the prerequisites for a Gold and registered for the gold, but run into issues and don't make it in 70 hours and make the 85 hour mark, the MTF will submit your ride as a RAT Insanity.

    If you have any questions, contact the event manager. However, questions such as motel, gas availability, etc should be posted on the MTF forum in the Long Distance Rides folder.

    The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum reserves the right to accept or reject a rider's request to participate in this event & ride.

    History of the Ride Around Texas

    Doug Woodall came up with the original idea for the ride around Texas. The MTF asked Doug if he would allow them to take his idea and work with the Iron Butt Association to develop a new IBA ride. Doug agreed, so Jason Jonas, MTF's liaison with the IBA, began working Mike Kneebone, President of the IBA. Mike and Jason decided that this would be a demanding two level ride -- The RAT Insanity Gold and the RAT Insanity. Doug, Jason, and Alan worked out the details of the ride with the intent of being the first to do the ride and then offering it as the centerpiece of the MTF's Poker Run From Hell in October of 2005. Doug got a new job. Jason decided to work for awhile so that left Alan to do the initial ride to make sure that the route would work and to determine if the times were feasible. Alan did the initial ride in January, 2005. Doug, Jason, and Alan put on the finishing details and started promoting the RAT for the 2005 MTF PRFH. Hurricane Katrina had other plans and the event was cancelled. It was then decided that the inaugural ride would be held in May 2006 in conjunction with the MTF's Founders Feast.

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