Summer Mountain Ride
Mini Rally

June 23, 2007


On Saturday rally riders will head out in all directions in search of more than 40 bonus locations in the mountains and hills surrounding Asheville. What a great way to experience the beauty and history of the mountains and ride some fantastic roads, all the while honing your rallying skills. This isn’t a race, just a fun ride requiring some strategic thinking.

All locations are accessible by paved roads, although there are several where unpaved shortcuts will save Adventure riders a few miles while adding to their fun.

We won’t be handing out the bonus locations until the morning of the rally but here’s a map of the general locations to give you some ideas and do some preliminary route planning. The exact bonus locations in your rally package will be within a short distance of each marker on the map.

Event Manager:  John Wynes
& Andy Simons
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Although not shown on the above map, the Microsoft Streets &Trips file will include the following information for each marker:
Bonus Location ID; Bonus Points: and Nearby Town or Other Location.

Click here to download the Microsoft Streets & Trips file

Some of the Rally Basics

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