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2012 48+ Ride

48 Plus! Iron Butt Association

May 16-25, 2012


Why? Because we can. For those of you who really want a challenge, this is the ride for you. 48 States and Alaska to boot all in 10 days or less. This event is being run so that we can all end the ride in time for the Hyder Seek festivities.

Registration is now open and will end May 10, 2012


The last MTF 48Plus riders. May 2005

Top Row (left to right): Tom Sayer, Tom Coppedge, Rick Nealy, Dave Hinks, Mike Ledbetter, Ollie Bingaman Mike Bobbitt, Edgar Tanner

Bottom Row (left to right) Kevin Lechner, Kevin Healey, Alan Leduc, Art Garvin, Bruce Harris, Doug Chapman, Gregg Burger

Event Coordinator: Michael Hickman 


In an effort to accommodate riders from all over North America, there will be western, central and eastern routes available. Some things to note:

  • The eastern route will follow as closely as possible, Ron Ayres' 1998 record-setting route.
    Since we're on our way to Hyder Seek 2012, we thought this would be a good option for some folks.
  • Refer to and understand the "Iron Butt Association's 48+ Rules" for documentation requirements for this ride.
  •  You are responsible for detailing your route, picking the appropriate path through major cities, stops in each state, etc. The routes provided will serve as a guide during your detailed planning process.
  • On a ride of this magnitude, the MTF will certify the greatest ride completed and properly documented. What this means is that we understand the committment involved in committing to and riding this ride. If, for whatever reason, you do not complete the entire ride, we'll certify the greatest ride possible. You're responsible for proper documentation.
  • The MTF will not certify more than a single ride. For instance, if you ride a BBG while riding this event, you would be responsible for submitting the BBG paperwork directly to the IBA for certification.

For regional detail information, click the appropriate link in the menu to your right.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will these rides be certified by the Iron Butt Association or the Motorcycle Tourer's Association?

    The ride will be certified by the IBA. The MTF does not certify rides. The MTF has a long standing relationship with the IBA and has sponsored many IBA rides. The MTF assists with logistics, such as route planning and witnesses; collects and validates the documentation; and then submits the ride to the IBA for certification.

  2. Am I allowed to carry extra fuel?

    The MTF utilizes TeamStrange Uniform Rules ( as a guideline for Auxiliary Fuel Systems and the carrying of extra fuel.

    Please refer to the MTF rules regarding carring extra fuel here,


  3. How often am I required to stop?
    In addition to mandatory stops listed on the website, the IBA requires riders to stop a minimum of every 300 miles.

  4. Do I have to record all of my stops and keep all receipts?

    You must record ALL gas stops and any other stop longer than 20 minutes. You must keep and submit official receipts (Location, City, State, Date, and Time) for ALL gas stops and any lodging stops that you might make during the ride. It is not necessary that you maintain and submit receipts for such things as foods and snacks (unless you are using this receipt to document a mandatory stop).

    In the even that you run out of gas and acquire extra gas (e.g. passerby or MSR bottles) you must document the amount of gas that you obtained. In the case of MSR bottles, if you refill them at the next stop you must document this as well.

  5. What are the rider's responsibilities?

    Riders will be required to acknowledge their responsibilities during the registration process. Each rider is responsible for their own ride. Safety is of primary importance.

    • Participant agrees to keep and maintain his motorcycle in a good and safe condition, in full compliance with all rules and laws governing such vehicles. Specifically, said motorcycle shall be in full compliance with any and all safety inspections and certifications required by the State of registration of said motorcycle and shall be safe to operate on the public ways and under the conditions to be encountered in the Event.
    • Participant will at all times while riding his motorcycle wear and employ all such safety clothing and gear including, but not limited to, a DOT approved helmet, as is reasonable, customary and prudent for use by motorcyclists under the circumstances of the Event. A DOT approved helmet shall be worn at all times while Participant is riding in the Event whether or not the use of such a helmet is required in the jurisdiction in which the Participant is riding.
    • Participant shall be licensed to operate a motorcycle in his State of residence and authorized to legally operate a motorcycle in the State or States, Country or Countries where the Event may be held. Participant's motorcycle shall be properly registered and licensed.
    • Participant shall have and maintain in full force and effect liability insurance and such other insurance as may be required for the operation of a motorcycle in the State or States, Country or Countries where the Event may be held.
    • Participant shall comply with any and federal and State laws including, such as but not limited to, all safety rules, traffic laws and rules of the road.
    • Should Participant be given a map or route information as part of the Event, Participant shall use such map or route information at his own discretion and will not rely upon said map or route information as a representation that it is safe or prudent to follow such map or route information. Such decisions shall be and remain in the sole discretion of Participant.
    • Each Participant is responsible for his own ride. The MTF helps with the logistics by planning a route and arranging for witnesses, however, the Participant is responsible for the ride. Safety is of primary importance.
    • The Participant is responsible for terminating his participation in the Event if he feels that continuing would put himself or others in jeopardy.
    • The Participant is responsible for his personal condition. The MTF does not condone nor will it tolerate riding under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs and even some prescription drugs.
    • The rider is responsible for reviewing the Motorcycle Safety Foundation "You and Your Motorcycle: Riding Tips" booklet
    • The rider is responsible for reviewing the Motorcycle Safety Foundation "Motorcycle Operator Manual" booklet

    If the MTF discovers that a rider has violated their responsibilities, even if it is after the ride is certified, the MTF will notify the IBA and the certification will be revoked.

Iron Butt Logo

Iron Butt Association

The rules for this ride are simple. First, the "Iron Butt Association's 48 Plus! Rules" should be read and understood. The IBA's rules for the 48 Plus! govern this ride. Second, as the sponsoring organization, the MTF may require prerequisites greater than those stipulated by the IBA. For this ride the prerequisites are:
  • A Certified BBG or a certified IBA ride of 2000 miles or more or a qualifying rally.

Trip Philosophy

Group riding typically refers to large groups of bikes riding together in a pack. MTF Long Distance rides are not "group rides." Rather, each ride is a "mass ride." Mass ride is a term coined and used in the long distance community and refers to a ride where all riders start from the same location, begin at roughly the same time, follow the same route and end the ride at the same destination.

For various reasons the MTF does not encourage groups of more than three riders while particpating in an MTF Long Distance event. The major reasons deal with safety, but in the end, each rider makes his/her own decision to ride with others or not. If you're riding with others, here are some things to consider:

The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum reserves the right to accept or reject a rider's request to participate in this ride.

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