2006 Americas Ride

Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to
Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

Last Major Update: 1/6/2005


Note: This ride never took place as an official MTF event. However there is a lot of good information and links available within these pages and they have been left inplace as a resource for anyone considering this type of ride.

The Purpose of this Website

This website is designed to provide a convenient reference to support the discussions of the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum in planning this trip. A list of past and current forum discussions is listed below.

Much of the initial research for this ride was done by Tony Higgins and Dave Nelson. Tony developed the initial website which has been taken down. Unfortunately, due to work and health related issues Tony was unable to continue management of the ride; although he still hope to participate.

We will be updating this website periodically. However, many discussion are currently on going on the forum in the Adventure riding folder http://forums.delphiforums.com/MCTourer/messages See the trip research section below for a list of past or on going discussions. If you wait until you see it here, you will likely have missed the opportunity to participate in the decision making.

While Alan Leduc is managing this ride, the DreamCatchers are participants in making decisions. You are encouraged to post your questions to the forum for open comment, rather than communicating directly with Alan as many folks have assumed research responsibilities and may better be able to answer your questions.

Priorities and Notes from the Ride Manager


  • Route Verification and Time Range
    • Tony and Dave did a great job of putting together a base route. This route is documented in the Route & Maps Link above.
    • It is important that those are assigned to Country Research, evaluate the suggested route. Proposed changes should be indicated in the individual country research threads indicated below.
    • Attention Country Researchers: Due 1/31/2006
      • Tie down the base route through the country for which you are responsible.
      • If you want to change the entrance or exit to a country, coordinate that with the researcher responsible for the adjacent country.
      • Provide the mileage for the base route.
      • Provide an estimated time range for the stay in the country you are researching. The range will extend from no site seeing aggressive riders to flower sniffers that want to smell the roses. This is a ballpark number. So don't stress about it. Just give us something to work with.
  • Set date for Panama
    • We will use the Route Verification and Time Range information for proposing a set date for Panama. Even if we decide not to allow a flexible start and finish, we will work from Panama to establish start and end times.
    • We will have a window for discussion from January 31 to February 15, 2005
    • Dreamcatchers will voting will open for one week beginning February 16, 2005
    • Update the website and Forum Threads
      • A major update was made to the website 12/11/2004.
        • It was moved  back to the Motorcycle Tourers Fourm server. If you are reading this you found it.
        • A message archive was added to the website and it has been reorganized.
      • Many of the Threads on the forum were old and inactive. Others had such thread drift that they had become useless.
        • Inactive and disrupted threads were closed and archived. You can see the message archives from the link above.

    Active Discussions

    Below are links to numerous threads on the MTF for discussion on specific topics being researched in preparation for the trip.

    Adventure Riding -  2006 Americas Ride - Flexible Start/End?  The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #13680.1

    Adventure Riding -  2006 Americas Ride Pre-Registration The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #13259.1  

    Adventure Riding -  2006 Americas Ride Research Signup The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #13317.1

    • If you have signed up for this ride and do not have a research assignment. You need to sign up for a research assignment in this thread.
    • If you are unable to participate in the ride but would like to dream with us by participating in the research you can sign up for a research assignment  in this thread. 

    2006 AR Medical Research - Tim Yow (Rydnfool) The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #13329.1

    • Medical Evacuation Insurance
    • Vaccinations
    • First Aid Training

    2006 AR Communications - Bill Wade (wadewg) The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #13371.1

    • Satellite Phones
    • Satellite Trackers
    • Calling Cards
    • Establish a US Manager   

    Banquet and Jump Frog Jump - Paul Kieffer (PaulK36) The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #14100.1

    • Logistics for the banquet in Panama
    • Options for getting over Columbia

    Start/Canada/US - Alan Leduc (Link to be assigned)

    • Logistics for Optional Banquet in Fairbanks
    • Lodging at Coldfoot/Deadhorse
    • Haul Road Emergency Crew (will not follow the group but will be on call in Fairbanks for pickup) There are some trucking companies based out of Deadhorse that might do this for a fee.

    Finish (We need someone to volunteer for this assignment)

    • Logistics for Optional Ending Banquet
    • Options for return of bike to US
    • Air Transportation Home

    Antarctica Side Excursion - Larry Scalzitti (Scalzitti) The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #14013.1

    Post Americas Ride Latin America Iron Butt Rides - Jason Jonas (Link to be assigned)

    2006 AR Entry/Exit Info - John Hargis (Bigtexrider) The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #13975.1

    Country Research (See List of Countries Below)

    • Verification of the route (Due January 31, 2005)
      • Evaluate Tony and Dave's route which is provided under the Routes and Maps Button above
      • Make recommendations for changes
      • If you change the border entry/exit you must coordinate with the adjacent country researcher
    • Mileage and time estimates (Due January 31, 2005)
      • What is the mileage for the suggested route
      • How much time is estimated for an aggressive rider to complete the direct route?
      • How much time is estimated for a casual rider to complete the direct route?
      • How many extra days would you recommend for site seeing?
    • Road conditions
    • Establish English speaking contacts (preferable 2) Louis (Santhos) can help.
    • Gas validation about every 100 miles
    • Hotel recommendations
    • Recommendation of key sightseeing opportunities
    • Maps
    • Motorcycle shops

    2006 Americas Ride - Registered Riders The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #13706.1

    • This is a thread started by John Langan proposing a meet of registered riders at either the IBA Omaha or Daytona meeting.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How long will this ride take?
      • See the priority list above. We are discussing whether or not we will allow flexible start and end times which would provide flexibility in the time required to complete the ride. We are also working on a time range for traveling through each country. We hope to have this decision made by February 6, 2005.
    2. At what time of year will the ride take place?
      • The ride is fixed for 2006 and we hope to make this decision with regard to the time window by February 6, 2005. One concern is that winter and summer are opposite in Alaska and Argentina. So we will have a narrow window that will control the dates for the ride. A review of previous discussions indicates a window from August to November. Too late of a start means dealing with winter in Alaska. Too early of a start means dealing with winter in Argentina.
    3. Will riders be staying in hotels or camping?
      • A poll indicated that most riders desired to stay primarily in hotels, while some riders are more budget conscious and desire to camp. We will be riding in groups of 3-4. This should bring down the cost of staying in hotels. This seems like a much safer option. If one or more groups of riders decide that they want to camp. We will establish a research committee to identify camp locations.
    4. What about riding through Columbia or other countries that have civil unrest?
      • A poll indicated that a large majority of the riders wished to avoid Columbia and countries that may have civil unrest. Obviously conditions can change at any time. For now, our plan is to fly over Columbia.
    5. How much of the roads will be dirt and gravel.
      • A poll indicated that a large majority of riders preferred to minimize the amount of dirt and gravel road. We have consider this in our route planning but we are still estimating 500-800 miles of unimproved roads. Much of this is in Alaska on the route to Deadhorse.
    6. What are DreamCatchers and DreamSnatchers?
      • We established the terms DreamCatchers to identify riders that moved the dream of this ride into action by pre-registering and coughing up the $100.00 pre-registration fee. The reason for pre-registration is discussed above. Thought was given to trying to break the current world record, which is 35 days. We were going to call the folks that signed up the record attempt were going to be called DreamSnatchers. After some thought, we have decided that there is know way to attempt the world record ride without making it a race which would be against the MTF culture. We have dropped the idea of doing a record ride and thus there will be no DreamSnatchers.
    7. Who is doing the research for this ride and what research needs to be done?
      • It is the responsibility for each ride participant to help with the research. Assignments are being made as DreamCatchers pre-register. We also have volunteers that will only be able to participate in part of the ride and volunteers that just want to help that will be participating with research.. Current Research and the chair of the particular research committee is identified in the Active Discussions above. If you want to help with research, sign up in this thread: Adventure Riding -  2006 Americas Ride Research Signup The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #13317.1Tony Higgins outlined the tasks in The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum #12778.1 This message is in the Message Archives and will be used as a basis for determining continuing research:
      • Route planning
        • Establish routes.
        • Identify waypoints.
        • Identify target dates for each waypoint.
      • Ride organization
        • Determine if and how we will divide up the group.
        • Timing between groups.
        • Language skills
        • Identify all participants that have some command of Spanish.
        • Point out any suggestions for training.
      • Motorcycles
        • Selection
        • Identify all suggested bikes to make the trip.
        • Establish recommended list (preferably no more than three).
        • Develop a matrix of the attributes of each bike.
        • Research reliability of each and include availability of dealers.
        • Parts and repair preparation
        • Recommendations for purchase, including quantities.
        • Include any extra tools that might be needed.
        • Develop strategy for maintenance points en route.
        • Contact dealers where maintenance may be performed.
      • Develop recommendations including punch list of paperwork required.
        • Carnet de Passage and how and when to obtain (see Insurance and Safety)
        • Recommended vaccinations for each country.
        • Passports, visas, and travel requirements
      • Communications
        • Develop guidelines for communicating.
        • Investigate satellite phones, etc.
        • Recommend bike to bike solution
        • Develop recommendations for equipment, quantity and where to purchase/rent
        • What government restrictions will we encounter?
      • Navigation planning
        • Assure we have sufficient maps.
        • Identify any GPS capabilities we have/need.
        • Verify fuel availability vs route
      • Maintenance
        • Assure we have sufficient skills.
        • Identify maintenance stops in route.
      • Sponsorship
        • Develop suggestions.
        • Poll local dealers and clubs.
        • Identify opportunities from manufacturers, others
      • Shipping
        • Based on previous experience develop suggested shippers list.
        • Verify shippers' viability (periodic)
        • Negotiate multiple bike deals
        • Insurance and Safety
      • Identify insurance requirements for each country
        • Investigate and negotiate air evac insurance
        • Identify any medical expertise participating in the ride.
        • Develop medical first aid kit (probably much more extensive than we would normally carry).
    8. How much is this ride going to cost?
      • There are a lot of variables here. Some riders will be shipping their bike back and other will be riding back. Some of the estimates have been that once you get out of the U.S., you should plan on $50-75 per day, which includes gas, tolls, food, lodging (2 to a room), border crossing fees, etc. but doesn't include bike repairs, tires, shipping, etc.
      • With a three month window (90 days) expenses would be between $4500 and $6750.
      • You must also consider the airfreight to ship your bike over Columbia.
    9. How are rider communicating with regard to this ride?
      • This ride is sponsored by the MTF so the primary means of communication will be done through the forum. Some of the riders find the forum an awkward means of communication and do not participate regularly. We hope that for this ride that they will use the forum as the primary means of communication. However, acknowledging that some will be reluctant to use the forum extensively, we will announce voting and critical issues through email to the DreamCatchers. We will also update the website as decisions are made. However, if you wait to see it here, you will have missed the opportunity to have fully participated. Please visit the forum, specifically the active links listed above regularly if you are a DreamCatcher.


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