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2005 Regional SS1000

June 11-12, 2005

  2 Countries
18 US States
25 Locations



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London, Ontario

Canadian Rides are SS1600K
Which is the Metric Equivalent to the SS1000

(Listed by state)

Riverside, CA
Dover, DE
Naples, FL
Atlanta, GA
Twin Falls, ID
Joliet, IL
New Castle, IN
Berlin, MA
Clinton Township, MI
Kalamazoo, MI
Gaylord, MI
St. Cloud, MN
St. Louis, MO
Asheville, NC
Clayton, NC
Canton, OH
Edmond, OK
Portland, OR
Philadelphia, PA
Corpus Christi, TX
Houston, TX
Plano, TX
Wichita Falls, TX
Issaquah, WA

The Members

of the

Motorcycle Tourer's Forum

are pleased to sponsor

The Iron Butt Association's
SaddleSore 1000
(1000 miles in 24 hours)

at the regional locations listed on the left.

Click on the button in your area
for specific ride details

Registration is open now and ends May 22, 2005



Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum?

    The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum is an internet forum that provides a meeting place for motorcycle touring enthusiasts, owners, riders, and admirers of all brands and models of touring motorcycles. You can visit the forum by going to Membership is free (although Delphi, the forum host, does have options that allow you to pay if you want to avoid pop-ups and improve your search capabilities). You become a member simply by participation in the forum. This ride is one of many events sponsored by the MTF. Go to the home page of this website for more details:

  2. What is the Iron Butt Association?

    The Iron Butt Association is dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding and has promoted riding through certification. You become a member of the Iron Butt Association by completing one of their certified rides. The IBA's entry level certified ride is the The SaddleSore 1000. You can learn more about the Iron Butt Association by going to their website: You can read more about the SaddleSore 1000 at IBA SS1000 Guidelines You can read more about the SaddleSore 1600K (the metric version of the SS1000) at IBA SS1600K Guidelines

  3. Will these rides be certified by the Iron Butt Association or the Motorcycle Tourer's Association?

    The ride will be certified by the IBA. The MTF does not certify rides. The MTF has a long standing relationship with the IBA and has sponsored many IBA rides. The MTF assists with logistics, such as route planning and witnesses; collects and validates the documentation; and then submits the ride to the IBA for certification.

  4. Riding 1000 miles in 24 Hours, is this a race?

    Long Distance riding is about time management not speed. THIS IS NOT A RACE! To ride 1000 miles in 24 hours, you only need to average 42 miles per hour. If you manage the time you spend at your stops you should have no problem completing this ride at a safe speed. Riders that are determined to be riding at unsafe speeds will not be certified. If the MTF or the IBA learns after the ride certification that the rider participated at unsafe speeds, the certification will be revoked.

  5. What are the rider's responsibilities?

    Riders will be required to acknowledge their responsibilities during the registration process. Each rider is responsible for their own ride. The MTF is helping with the logistics by planning a route and arranging for witnesses; however, the rider is responsible for the ride. Safety is of primary importance.

    • Participant agrees to keep and maintain his motorcycle in a good and safe condition, in full compliance with all rules and laws governing such vehicles. Specifically, said motorcycle shall be in full compliance with any and all safety inspections and certifications required by the State of registration of said motorcycle and shall be safe to operate on the public ways and under the conditions to be encountered in the Event.
    • Participant will at all times while riding his motorcycle wear and employ all such safety clothing and gear including, but not limited to, a DOT approved helmet, as is reasonable, customary and prudent for use by motorcyclists under the circumstances of the Event. A DOT approved helmet shall be worn at all times while Participant is riding in the Event whether or not the use of such a helmet is required in the jurisdiction in which the Participant is riding.
    • Participant shall be licensed to operate a motorcycle in his State of residence and authorized to legally operate a motorcycle in the State or States, Country or Countries where the Event may be held. Participant's motorcycle shall be properly registered and licensed.
    • Participant shall have and maintain in full force and effect liability insurance and such other insurance as may be required for the operation of a motorcycle in the State or States, Country or Countries where the Event may be held.
    • Participant shall comply with any and federal and State laws including, such as but not limited to, all safety rules, traffic laws and rules of the road.
    • Should Participant be given a map or route information as part of the Event, Participant shall use such map or route information at his own discretion and will not rely upon said map or route information as a representation that it is safe or prudent to follow such map or route information. Such decisions shall be and remain in the sole discretion of Participant.
    • Each Participant is responsible for his own ride. The MTF helps with the logistics by planning a route and arranging for witnesses, however, the Participant is responsible for the ride. Safety is of primary importance.
    • The Participant is responsible for terminating his participation in the Event if he feels that continuing would put himself or others in jeopardy.
    • The Participant is responsible for his personal condition. The MTF does not condone nor will it tolerate riding under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs and even some prescription drugs.
    • The rider is responsible for reviewing the Motorcycle Safety Foundation "You and Your Motorcycle: Riding Tips" booklet
    • The rider is responsible for reviewing the Motorcycle Safety Foundation "Motorcycle Operator Manual" booklet

    If the MTF discovers that a rider has violated their responsibilities, even if it is after the ride is certified, the MTF will notify the IBA and the certification will be revoked.

  6. What type of bike is necessary?

    Riders have completed the SS1000 on almost every type of bike imaginable.
    All brands of motorcycles are welcomed for this ride.

  7. Is this a group ride?

    While this ride is being organized for a group of like minded riders, it is NOT A GROUP RIDE. The site coordinator will release riders on a staggered start in order to spread the riders out over a safe distance. You may organize small groups of 2-4 riders on your own and request that the site coordinator stage you together. However, you should be aware that riders tend to stop at different times even if they have the same fuel range. If you elect to ride in a small group, you should agree ahead of time that you will not continue due to peer pressure if you are feeling that it would be unsafe to continue.

  8. What if I come upon a rider is in need of emergency care?

    If you come across any person in need of emergency care, whether with your group or not, it is MANDATORY THAT YOU STOP AND SEEK PROPER MEDICAL CARE. Document the time that you spent with the person and get their contact information. The time you spent providing care will be considered when evaluating your ride. Note: You are only required to ensure that the rider is safe and does not require emergency care. For example: if you encounter a rider that has run out of gas, you have no obligation to assist the rider in obtaining gas. In fact, extra time will not be allotted for non-emergency care.

  9. What if I have other questions?
  10. There are three ways you can get answers to other questions that you might have:

  11. Who is the Site Coordinator and how did they get this job?

    The Site Coordinators are members of both the MTF and the IBA. They volunteered to develop a regional SS1000 in their area. They developed the route, promoted the ride in their local area, arranged for witnesses, and agreed to handle the logistics of the ride The Ride Manager and Site Coordinators are giving up a significant amount of their time and, in some cases, money to make this ride possible. Please treat them respectfully.

  12. How long will it take to receive my certification?

    Both the IBA and the MTF are supported by a network of volunteers. Your ride documentation will be collected at the end of the ride and reviewed by the the MTF Site Coordinator for completeness. The documentation will then be sent to the MTF Long Distance Ride Committee for validation. Once the ride is validated a request will be made to the IBA to certify the ride. The IBA will print the certificates and mail them to the MTF for distribution to the riders. It is not unusual for the entire process to take several months. In fact 8-10 weeks is normal. Due to MTF's relationship with the IBA we typically get a higher priority in the IBA's que than individual riders.

  13. What do I get for the certification fee?

    Paper Certificate

    MTF-IBA Pin

    SaddleSore 1000 Pin

    License Plate Backer
    Does not fit all motorcycles

    The IBA's SS1600K certification includes a paper certificate, MTF-IBA pin and SS1600K ride pin similar to the SS1000 items shown above. The IBA's SS1600K certification includes an SS1600K patch rather than the License Plate Backer included with the SS1000 certification. License Plate Backers are available for $6.25US + $1.50US S&H when ordered from the IBA e-store.

  14. What are the MTF Registration and Fees for this ride?

    The $42.00 in fees that you pay to the MTF for this ride are the same as the fees you would pay if you submitted the ride directly to the IBA. The IBA provides a modest discount to the MTF to cover postage charges since we are doing the validation or documentation and distribution of certificates for the IBA. When you register, you will be provided an option to make a donation to the MTF which will be used to sponsor future rides and contests. The MTF is run exclusively by volunteers and has no paid staff.

    Register to ride at => Jason Jonas' Ridemaster. Registration opens March 15 and ends May 22, 2005. Pre-ride Registration is required. No Walk-in Riders will be accommodated. All registration fees must be paid by May 29, 2005 or your registration will be cancelled. During the registration process you will be required to consent to an Agreement and Waiver. Click the following link to download the Agreement and Waiver. Review it thoroughly before registering for a ride.

    The MTF will submit your ride to the IBA for certification. The certification fee for this ride is $42.00 (the same as if you submitted your ride directly to the IBA). If you want to make a donation to the MTF, you will be provided the opportunity to do that during the registration process. Payment information will be provided at the conclusion of the registration process.

  15. What if I decide to terminate the ride?

    The MTF and IBA are dedicated to SAFE long distance riding. If at anytime during the ride you question whether or not you should continue, by all means you should terminate the ride. Listening to your body is an important part of long distance riding and you should not continue unless you are comfortable with your physical and mental state. If you terminate the ride, be sure to notify the Site Coordinator so he does not send a search party looking for you. If you terminate the ride, your certification fees will be refunded provided you have timely notified the Site Coordinator.

    If you terminate the ride or have an accident, you must notify the Site Coordinator as soon as reasonably possible. Failure to report at the end of the ride or in the event of termination may result in suspension from future MTF Events.

  16. Am I allowed to have a chase vehicle?

    Chase vehicles are not allowed. A chase vehicle defies the spirit of long distance riding. If the MTF learns a chase vehicle was present, the ride will not be certified whether or not aid of any kind was rendered.

  17. What if I have a breakdown during the ride?
    • If you have a breakdown during the ride and are successful in getting your bike repaired, you must return to the original spot of your breakdown before continuing. You should note the details of the breakdown in your documentation. Additional time will not be allowed for the breakdown
    • If you have a breakdown and are unable to continue, you should immediately call the Site Coordinator to report your situation.

  18. Where can I get some tips on Long Distance Riding?

    The MTF has many experienced long distance riders. They welcome questions from those that are new to the sport. You may post your questions at: We would also encourage you to read the IBA's "Archive of Wisdom" - 29 Long Distance riding tips at:

  19. Where can I find information on weather conditions along the route?

    This web page provides weather conditions along Interstate Highways.

  20. Do I have to follow the exact planned route or can I make changes?

    The routes have been planned to provide the quickest route consistent with meeting the 1,000 mile (1,600km) minimum. You MUST get receipts from the listed mandatory stops in order for the MTF to certify your ride. The directions are based upon the recommendation of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2004 - Quickest Route. There may be alternate routes to each mandatory stop. In fact, the Garmin Mapsource files may be slightly different from the route described on the following pages. We DO RECOMMEND that you follow the suggested route.

  21. What if I have a passenger?

    During the registration process, you will be asked to enter the information for your passenger. As you continue through the registration process, you will come to the Fees page. The quantity for the certification package is set to 1 person. If you want both the rider and passenger to be certified, you must change the quantity for the certification package to 2 people.

  22. The Stop Log has a column for GPS reading, do I need to have a GPS to participate?

    Absolutely not. Many folks that have a GPS like to record both their Odometer and GPS Reading.
    The Odometer Reading is MANDATORY. The GPS is is OPTIONAL.

  23. What if it rains or the weather is bad? Is there a rain date?

    There will be no rain date. If you are riding 1000 miles you should expect to encounter and be prepared for rain and bad weather along the route. Being prepared for weather-related contingencies is an integral part of Long Distance Riding and the ride will not be cancelled due to rain alone.

    If there are serious weather warnings, i.e. Tornado or Hurricane, a decision will be made on site by the Site Coordinator regarding cancelling the ride or delaying the start of the ride. If the ride is cancelled, a full refund will be made to all riders.

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