Missouri RRR

Eminence, MO

April 23-25, 2018

The Ozark Mountains are calling...
All Rough Road Riders!

Join us for 3 days of riding on the back roads of Missouri in the Ozark Mountains. The ride will be a combination of dirt and paved roads.

Licensed dual purpose bikes are the preferred choice of transport, but the roads are suitable for experienced riders on a big adventure bikes.

Riders will be expected to carry their own gear and find their own way

(We'll split into groups of 3 to 6 riders).

The routes will be built as "tracks" and will be available for download in a GPX file.
Gas and food is available along the way.

Event Manager: 

Kevin Smith

  List of Participants
  The Routes
  MTF Refund Policy
  Ride Disclaimer & Waiver

Registration Opens Dec 01


Event Coordinator

Kevin Smith

Email: Kevin Smith

Andy Simons - Assistant

Email: Andy Simons


In addition to requiring the use of a DOT approved helmet on all MTF rides, the MTF strongly encourages the use of Motorcycle specific protective clothing and footwear while participating in any MTF event. ATGATT reduces the severity of injuries in an accident and we want every participant in our events to be as safe as possible. Also the MTF strongly encourages each participant in our events to self assess their riding style, interests, need for breaks and riding skill level and to keep that assessment in mind when choosing a riding partner or small group (2-4 riders) to ride with at our events. Sharing the road with someone of similar interests and riding style not only makes the ride more enjoyable for you, but safer for everyone.

Event Schedule & Information

Destination Details
April 22nd
  • Rough Road Riders. Arrive throughout the day

  • Location: Echo Bluff State Park

  • Address: 34489 Echo Bluff Drive,
                        Eminence, MO 65466

  • Phone: (844) 322-3246

  • Coordinates: 3718'41?N 9124'22?W
  • Lodging options at park - Lodge - 16 rooms and 4 suites, Cabins - 4 - 2 bedroom, 8 - 3 bedroom, 1 - 4 bedroom -

    See Details Below

  • Monday
    April 23rd
    • Daily RRR Ride
    Blue Route
    April 24th
    • Daily RRR Ride
    Green Route
    April 25th
    • Daily RRR Ride
    Red Route

    The Routes:

    Routes for each day are included in the Garmin Mapsource file below:

    2018 Missouri RRR Routes

    Click image for larger version

    Start & Finish Host Location

    Echo Bluff State Park

    NOTE: We have a block of lodging saved for MTF riders until JAN 1. The block includes 2 cabins and 5 rooms. Call and identify yourself as part of the MTF group, and the reservation agent will put you in one of our reserved spots. As backup, Eminence is 15 miles away. There are several motels there (suggestion: http://www.riversidemotelonline.com/).

    Check Echo Bluff State Park website for all the details, GPS location and accommodations.

    Click to Download Detailed Park Map

    Echo Bluff State Park

    34489 Echo Bluff Drive
    Eminence, MO 65466

    Telephone: 844-322-3246

    Website: https://echobluffstatepark.com/

    Email: reservations@echobluffmissouri.com

    3- Lodge King Room w/Queen Sofa Sleeper        $109.00 Per Night
    4- Lodge King w/Twin Sofa Sleeper                     $109.00 Per night
    1- Lodge 2 Bedroom Suite                                    $139.00 Per night
    2- Cabin 2 Bedroom w/Queen Sofa Sleeper         $159.00 Per night

    Timbuktu Camgrounds - Tents or RV

    Campground Spots will be first come, first served

    Telephone - 844-322-3246

    Reservation Link - Reservations

    The MTF reserves the right to limit participation for any reason.

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