Great Lakes Challenge

Hamburg, NY
July 22 - 26, 2013

The MTF would like to thank Team Stange
for developing the
Great Lakes Challenge

The Great Lakes Challenge is an IBA ride around all five Great Lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie).

This challenging ride is being offered in two versions:

  • The Great Lakes Gold (50hrs)
  • The Great Lakes 100   (100hrs)

    The rides differ only in the amount of time allowed to complete them. All other aspects of the rides are exactly the same. Both rides are intended to be challenging and should be undertaken with the understanding that they require experience, planning, and maybe a little luck to complete.

  • Event Managers: 

    John Wynes

      List of Participants
      Ride Form & Log
      Ride Information
      Responsibility to Report
      Ride Philosophy
      Lodging Details
      MTF Refund Policy
      Ride Disclaimer & Waiver

    Registration Opens
    February 1st!

    * As the sponsoring organization, the MTF requires prerequisites greater than those stipulated by the IBA.

    The prerequisites for the Great Lakes Challenge are:

    • For the Great Lakes Challenge Gold (50 hour) ride are:
      • Certified IBA Bun Burner Gold (1500 miles in 24hrs) -or-
      • A certified IBA ride of 2000 miles or more* -or-
      • A qualifying rally**.

    • For the Great Lakes Challenge (100 hour) ride IBA membership is required


        *  The IBA National Parks Tour does not qualify as a prerequistite for this ride
        ** A Qualifying Rally is generly a multi-day rally. Contact the Event Manager to determine if a specific rally will be accepted as a prerequisite

    Ride Coordinator

    John Wynes


    Follow the riders on SpotWalla
    around the Great Lakes

    Click Here

    To join the Public SpotWalla page go to:

     Joining a location page

    Ride Schedule

    Date/time Event Location / Details
    July 21st - 6:00pm EST Pre-Ride Dinner Danny's South
    4300 Abbott Rd
    Orchard Park, NY 14127

    GPS Coord: N 42 43.878 W78 51.489


    July 22th - 5:00am EST Depart All Riders will be released between 5:00 – 6:00 am from the:
      Quality Inn
      5440 Camp Rd
      Hamburg, NY 14075
      GPS Coordinates: N 42.73877 W078.84533

    Starting Gas Receipt should be obtained from:

      Lutz Mobile Station
      5073 Camp Rd
      Hamburg NY 14075

    July 24th - 7:00am EST 50 Hour Ride End Time Final/End Gas Receipt should be obtained from:
      Lutz Mobile Station
      5073 Camp Rd
      Hamburg NY 14075

    July 26th - 9:00am EST 100 Hour Ride End Time Final/End Gas Receipt should be obtained from:
      Lutz Mobile Station
      5073 Camp Rd
      Hamburg NY 14075

    Ride Guidelines & Rules

  • All riders will start and end in Hamburg, NY

  • All riders will ride the same route clockwise around the Great Lakes

  • All riders must check in before leaving and must be out by 6:00 am in order be counted as part of this ride

  • The GLC Gold level is designed so that a well prepared and experienced long distance rider should be able to successfully complete it. There is no margin for error in this ride. The GLC 100 level is more forgiving and will require adequate preparation.

  • We have made no suggestions as to rest stop locations, gas locations, or how you manage this ride. When planning this ride, it is extremely important that you take these stopping locations into account. Every rider is different and has different requirements for rest, gas, and riding distances. You will need to take these in to account as you plan your ride.

  • When riders register they will declare what ride they are intending to ride. This is so we can verify the rider’s prerequisites. It should be noted that any rider who doesn't meet the prerequisite for The GLC Gold, but finishes in Gold time will not be certified as a Gold finisher. This is our best attempt to curb inexperienced riders from making the attempt. Riders that sign up for The GLC Gold but do not meet the time requirements for that ride and do meet the time requirements for The GLC 100 ride will be shown as finishers of The GLC 100. Note: The GLC ride times are measured from Hamburg, NY to Hamburg, NY. Riders are to use the same Gas Station at the beginning and end of the ride.

  • All Riders will check-in with the MTF site host upon their return or terminating the ride(see Responsibility to report).

  • Any Rider exihibting unsafe practices will be disqualified. Excessive speed is considered unsafe.

  • Riders & Passengers will wear a DOT approved helmet at all times while riding regardless of the local/state laws.

  • All IBA Ride and documnetation requirements and rules apply. Keep in mind: The IBA requires a fuel receipt at least every 300 miles for the 100 hour ride and 350 miles for the Gold (50 hour) Ride!

  • One exception to the IBA rules is we realize it may or may not be possible to get a receipt at some locations. We are aware of this and will make appropriate allowances. If you are unable to obtain a recipt, document the time, location, and mileage on your Ride Log. Your previous and next documented stops will be used to validate locations where you were unable to obtain a receipt. It is possible, but unlikely, you will have sucessive stops where a receipt is not available, the same proceedures apply.

  • To be considered a finisher, riders must turn in their ride documentation to the MTF Site host at the completion of the ride. Required documentation includes witness forms, logs and time/dated receipts for each stop, including the mandatory locations, in the specified order.

  • Ride Witness Form & Log

    Click here to download the GLC Witness Form & Gas Log

    * Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents.
    It is free. Just click the image below.


      Note: The below route files are only suggestions that include gas stops at each of the madatory locations.
      It is the riders responsibility to ensure the route they ride meets the IBA requirements.


      Great Lakes Challenge Route


      Alternate Northern Route

      Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013

      Great Lakes Challenge Route


      Alternate Northern Route

      Garmin MapSource

      Note: File has both Routes included

      Mandatory Check points

      The mandatory check points are in the table, below, along
      with their approximate mileage and leg distances.

      Note: Riders will be traveling in a clockwise route around the Great Lakes starting in Hamburg, NY.
      Location Mileage Leg
      Lutz Mobile Station
      5073 Camp Rd
      Hamburg NY 14075
      Telephone: 716-649-2974
      0.0 0.0
      Cleveland, OH 180.0 180.0
      Note: Any town is allowed, or the Chicago Skyway toll receipt is acceptable
      600.0 420.0
      Duluth, MN 991.0 391.0
      Thunder Bay, ON 1178.0 187.0
      Sudbury, ON
      -or- North Bay, ON

      Note: Mileage below is calculated from Sudbury to the end and is based on the "southern" route)

      Watertown, NY
      Note: instead of a fuel receipt, you may use the toll receipt for the bridge on I-81 at the US/Canada border
      2208.0 405.0
      Lutz Mobile Station
      5073 Camp Rd
      Hamburg NY 14075
      Telephone: 716-649-2974
      2427.0 219.0
      NOTE: IBA ride rules, iincluding obtaining a fuel receipt at least every
      300 miles for the 100 hour ride and 350 miles for the Gold (50 hour) ride, must be followed

      The official IBA rules can be found at:

      Responsibility to Report

      The MTF and IBA are dedicated to SAFE long distance riding.

    • If you are registered and are not going to make the check-in deadline at the starting location, you must contact John Wynes or call the MTF emergency number that will be provided to you as the ride start approachess. We don't have to wonder why you didn't show. A special phone number will be provided to all riders prior to the start of the ride to call in the event they terminate their ride.

    • If at anytime during the ride you question whether or not you should continue, by all means you should terminate the ride.

    • Listening to your body is an important part of long distance riding and you should not continue unless you are comfortable with your physical and mental state.

    • If you terminate the ride or have an accident, you must notifying us by calling the MTF emergency number that will be provided as soon as reasonably possible.

    • Failure to report at the begining, or at the end of the ride or in the event of termination may result in suspension from future MTF Events.

      Ride Philosophy

      The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum's role in these rides is simply logistics. Riders are responsible for their ride and are encouraged to ride as individuals. A quote from an LDRider will be used as the philosophy: "Everyone gets tired at different times, or gets hungry or even has to pee at different times. It's YOUR ride and it really isn't much fun when you are sitting on the side of the road waiting for your riding partner who is taking a quick nap."

      • Although the trip is being organized as a "group" ride, riders are encouraged to ride individually and join with other riders at the end to celebrate. 

      • Riders will be staged so as to leave in a staggered start. Riders may request to be staged with a riding partner(s). Small groups of 3 or 4 are acceptable, but riding in a pack is not considered safe and is not allowed during MTF Long Distant events.

      • If you elect to start in a small group, whether you continue to ride as a group once you are on the road is up to you. If you find that your habits are not compatible with the group, simply wave off. It is nothing personal. In addition to the problems mentioned above, the group may have different attitudes about driving speeds. If you are tough enough to do a GLC, you should be tough enough not to yield to the pressure of the group to conform.   

    • Host Hotels

      Quality Inn

      5440 Camp Rd
      Hamburg, NY 14075

      GPS Coordinates: N 42.73877 W078.84533

      Telephone: (716) 649-0500


      The MTF has a block of 20 double rooms for Sun, July 21 thru Thu, July 25, 2013 (5 nights)
      Rate of $84.10/night ($10 additional per person for more than 3 in a room)

      Block & rate will expire June 21, 2013.

      To make reservations under the MTF Group rate,
      Call the hotel direct at (716) 649-0500 and state you are with the "MTF Group"

      Other Nearby Hotels:

      Comfort Inn & Suites
      Red Roof Inn

      The MTF reserves the right to limit participation for any reason.

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