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2012 Ultimate Coast to Coast

June 2 nd - June 18 th, 2012

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The Iron Butt Association's

Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge


Ultimate Coast to Coast to Coast Challenge

Registration is now open and will end May 20th, 2012

Pre-registration required.
No on site registration will be allowed.

This ride is only Available to IBA Members

  Ride Coordinator
  MTF Refund Policy
  Ride Disclaimer & Waiver
  Ride Registration
  List of Participants
  Starting Location
  Responsibility to Report
  Witness & Gas Forms
  Fairbanks, AK M/C shops
  Hotel Info
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The Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge Requirements
This ride is only available to IBA Members

The rules for the Iron Butt Associations Ultimate Coast to Coast are available on the IBA web site at

This is an unusual IBA ride in that you can actually take up to 30 days to complete the approximately 6,000 mile ride, which only requires 200 mile riding days. This ride requires a significant time commitment and each rider has different goals. Some want to set a record, whether it be an individual record for time or a group record for the most riders to complete the ride as a group. Some recognize that they may not get back to that part of the country again and want to take in the scenic portions of the ride. Some are constrained by vacation time. You get the idea. Different Strokes for Different Folks.

The Ultimate Coast to Coast to Coast Challenge is back to back UCC rides.

The IBA web site provides this warning, "You may face snow storms, road construction and endless miles of impassable road." You need to be flexible in your planning.

All registration fees for online registrants must be paid by May 2, 2012 or your registration will be cancelled.
During the registration process you will be required to consent to the MTF Event Agreement and Waiver.
Review it thoroughly before registering for this ride.

The MTF will submit your ride to the IBA for certification*. The certification fee for this ride is $55.00 (same as if you submitted your ride directly to the IBA). If you want to make a donation to the MTF, you will be provided the opportunity to do that during the registration process.
Payment information will be provided at the conclusion of the registration process.

Note: The MTF will certify either the Ultimate Coast to Coast (south to north) or the Ultimate Coast to Coast to Coast (south to north to south) for individual riders, but not both.
Only the UCC south to north route mileage will count towards The Hink's MTF Endurance Rider Award .

The MTF reserves the right to limit participation for any reason.

Here is a link to the message thread on the MTF forum where questions are asked and answered. There is also a lot of information regarding the ride.

Ride Schedule

All Start Times Are Flexible Except Those Marked Mandatory
Date Time Event/location
June 5 5:00 PM Start Dinner - Hurricane Joe's Seafood Bar & Grill
June 2nd to June 7th** Anytime Key West, FL - Six day window start allowed.
June 15 Anytime Mandatory - Fairbanks, AK - Must check in with MTF Witness.
This will be the host hotel ( see below ) in Fairbanks, AK.
June 15 5:00 PM Pre Haul Road Ride Dinner - The FinishLine Restaurant
June 16 8:00 AM Depart Fairbanks, AK
June 16 Afternoon Arrive Wiseman, AK - Optional
June 17 Morning Depart Wiseman, AK - Optional
June 16 or 17
Arrive In Deadhorse
Check In
Afternoon Upon arrival in Deadhorse, AK, Riders must check in with MTF Witness or by phone prior to leaving for return trip.
(End of official MTF UCC ride)
June 17*** Afternoon Start of the Deadhorse to Key West UCC Leg
Note: Receipt Time of your arrival on June 16th or 17th will start the next leg.
Return From Deadhorse Check In Anytime Mandatory - When you return from the Haul Road you Must check in with MTF. This can be done at the host hotel ( see below ) in Fairbanks, AK or check in can be by phone. A number will be provided in Fairbanks at the pre Haul Road ride dinner.
August 8 Anytime Deadline for UCCC riders to submit documentation to MTF to be included as part of the MTF ride.

** To allow riders a longer time to complete the ride the start window is from June 2nd to June 7th.
This should allow enough time for all riders to be in Fairbanks by June 15th to check in and be ready to ride up the haul road Saturday, June 16th.

*** Riders riding a UCC back to Key West will have 30 days from June 17th to complete the ride from Dead Horse to Key West. All paperwork must
be in the MTF's hands no later than August 8, 2012. No Exceptions!

Ride Coordinator

Rob Wilensky (Wrugboy)
IBA #  417


Phone: (215) 852-6701

Starting Location

Comfort Inn

3820 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
Key West, Florida 33040

Key West, FL

MTF will provide a start witness at the June 5 start dinner and the morning of June 6th.
Otherwise you will need to obtain your own witness.
You should be able to get your witness form signed at the Police or Fire Station.

End Location*

Deadhorse, AK

The Prudhoe Bay Hotel
Pouch 340004
Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734
(907) 659-2449
Fax: (907) 659-2752


All UCC ride documentation must be turned into MTF Witness in Deadhorse, AK shortly after your arrival.

All UCCC riders will mail their documentation to the address provided in email. Documentation must be submitted not later than August 8, 2012.

* Note: There will be a mandatory check-in upon returning from Deadhorse in Fairbanks, AK at the host hotel.

Responsibility to Report

The MTF and IBA are dedicated to SAFE long distance riding.
If you are registered and are not going to make the check-in deadline at the starting location, you must contact the MTF representative. We don't have to wonder why you didn't show.
If at anytime during the ride you question whether or not you should continue, by all means you should terminate the ride.
Listening to your body is an important part of long distance riding and you should not continue unless you are comfortable with your physical and mental state.

If you terminate the ride or have an accident, you must notify the Ride Coordinator as soon as reasonably possible.

Failure to report at the beginning, in Fairbanks, AK, Deadhorse, AK, at the end of the ride or in the event of termination may result in suspension from future MTF Events.

Witness Form & Gas Log

Attention Riders: You should download and print
the Witness Forms and Gas Log and complete before arriving at the site.

It is the riders responsibility to plan their final route to ensure they obtain proper receipts at all the mandatory stops.

Key West To Deadhorse Witness Form & Gas Log  (PDF document*)

Deadhorse To Key West Witness Form & Gas Log  (PDF document*)

* Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents. It is free. Just click the image below.


In Canada, you must carry an endorsement to show your insurance is valid in Canada. If you are from outside the USA and contemplating this ride, the USA has similar requirements for operation of a motor vehicle you will have to meet.


A passport is required to cross the border during this ride. It is the riders responsibility to ensure that they have the all of the required documents.

Important Safety Information

Recommended Safety Programs

The MTF is recommending that all riders look into obtaining the following for the riders safety.

MedJet - A great program that will provide transportation home in the event you require a hospital stay. MedJet also has a program addon that will transport your motorcycle home also. The MTF has a discount program with MedJet. Click here for the information.

SPOT - A SPOT tracking device is a great tool to provide your location to your family and others. It also can provide your location in the event of an emergency. Click here for information.

RV Road Help - RV Road Help is a great towing program that will come and tow your motorcycle on the haul road. Other riders have used RV Road Help on the haul road and that is why we are recommending it. The coast is $99.95 for a full years service. Click here for information.


Rules of the Haul Road

Provided by Steve Matthews

Today a co-worker of mine mentioned the ride to one of the Security people for the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company that he knows and was given the following info:

Unwritten Rules of the Haul Road.

All large trucks have the right-of-way!  Slow down when meeting these guys, about 25 to 30 MPH is best or whatever the conditions dictate.  If a rig comes up behind you let them pass.  Be courteous, these guys are clannish and communicate with each other all the time with VHF radios.  If you cut someone off or crowd them the next truck might do something rash,  It has been known to happen.  (Motorhomes loosing windshields, etc.)

Help those in need.  If you see someone in trouble stop and give a hand or offer to relay a message (see above). In the eyes and minds of those that work and live on this road there is no excuse for not stopping.

Lights on and visible at ALL Times!! (Keep 'em clean!)  You all know that bikes are hard to see to begin with but when the dust is boiling or the rain is masking the road you NEED to be seen.   (A lot of the road surface is grey and on a cloudy day it blends right into the horizon and so will you when you're covered in mud.   If it is clear out you have to remember that the sun is very low on the horizon at ALL times once you cross the Arctic Circle and can mask you from others view )

There are additional DRIVING THE DALTON HIGHWAY tips on the ColdfootCamp website:

Additional Safety Information

  1. What are the rider's responsibilities?

    Riders will be required to acknowledge their responsibilities during the registration process. Each rider is responsible for their own ride. The MTF is helping with the logistics by planning a route and arranging for witnesses; however, the rider is responsible for the ride. Safety is of primary importance.

    If the MTF discovers that a rider has violated their responsibilities, even if it is after the ride is certified, the MTF will notify the IBA and the certification will be revoked.

  2. Please refer to the MTF rules regarding carring extra fuel here,

  3. The rider is responsible for doing TCLOCK!

    T-CLOCK is a mnemonic developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for assisting you in doing a comprehensive pre-ride (or a pre-purchase) inspection of a motorcycle. It is easily memorized and very useful. The individual letters stand for the specific areas to check:

  4. Tires and wheels
    Lights and electrical
    Oil and fluids

Pre-Ride Dinner Key West

Hurricane Joe's Seafood Bar & Grill

5110 Overseas Hwy
Key West FL 33040
(305) 294-0200

Pre Haul Road Ride Dinner Fairbanks

The FinishLine Restaurant
4920 Dale Road
Fairbanks, AK, 99709

MTF Suggested Hotels

Host Hotel Key West, FL

Comfort Inn

3820 N Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West, Florida 33040
Phone 305-294-5511
Fax 305-294-4716


Rate is $119.00 a night June 1st and 2nd
Rate is $99.00 a night June 3rd to June 6th

Wiseman, AK

Boreal Lodge

Located halfway between Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay, Coldfoot Camp provides an excellent base for travelers in Alaska's Arctic.
Although rustic by urban standards, our Inn at Coldfoot Camp is kept clean and features private bath facilities in each of the rooms, a luxury in the remote wilderness of Alaska's Arctic.

Lodge Features:
Four Rooms available in Boreal Lodge
Fully Functional Kitchen / Day Room with Dish Network TV / Phone Two shared Restrooms / Showers Laundry facilities Cabin Features:
Separate fully functional Boreal Cabin One bedroom with private bath & loft, Kitchen, Dish Network TV & Phone 

More Info at:

Deadhorse, AK

The Prudhoe Bay Hotel
Pouch 340004
Prudhoe Bay, AK 99734
(907) 659-2449
Fax: (907) 659-2752


Host Hotel Fairbanks, AK

Alpine Lodge Fairbanks

4920 Dale Road
Fairbanks, AK, 99709
Freephone: 1-800-455-8851
Telephone: 1-907-328-6300
Fax: 1-907-328-0914


Current Rate is $139.00 A Night

Additional Lodging Fairbanks, AK

University of Alaska Anchorage
3700 Sharon Gagnon Lane
Suite 102
Anchorage, AK 99508
(907) 751-7211
Fax (907) 751-7377

Single Suite- $50/night
Double Suite- $80/night
Quad Suite- $115/night

Fairbanks Motorcycle Shops

The Outpost - Harley, Honda, BMW

Northern Power Sports - Yamaha, Suzuki

Adventure Cycleworks - Independent

Fairbanks Motorsports (no weblink) - 907-452-2050 / 800-764-2050 (in state)

Alaska Fun Center - Kawasaki, Yamaha

D&D Custom Cycles (broken weblink) - Independent 907-456-6650

Trails End BMW - absorded into The Outpost

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