2012 Wisconsin
Rustic Road Ride

June 27-30, 2012

Flower Sniffers and Rough Road Riders will gather in

New Glarus, WI - America's "Little Switzerland"

June 27-30 for a few days of riding Wisconsin Rustic roads!

  List of Participants
  Lodging Details
  Suggested Routes
  Local Information
  MTF Refund Policy
  Ride Disclaimer & Waiver

Event Coordinator

Bill Schneider

Email: Bill Schneider


In addition to requiring the use of a DOT approved helmet on all MTF rides, the MTF Flower Sniffin Committee strongly encourages the use of Motorcycle specific protective clothing and footwear while participating in any Flower Sniffin event. ATGATT reduces the severity of injuries in an accident and we want every participant in our events to be as safe as possible.

Also the MTF Flower Sniffin Committee strongly encourages each participant in our events to self assess their riding style, interests, need for breaks and riding skill level and to keep that assessment in mind when choosing a riding partner or small group (2-4 riders) to ride with at our events. Sharing the road with someone of similar interests and riding style not only makes the ride more enjoyable for you, but safer for everyone.


Event Schedule

June 27th

Arrival Dinner - 6:00pm - Location TBD....
June 28th

Riding All day
Dinner - 6:00pm - Location TBD
June 29th

Riding All day
Dinner - 6:00pm - Location TBD
June 30th

Riding All day
Dinner - 6:00pm - Location TBD
July 1st

Depart for home


Suggested Rides/Routes

Host Lodging

Swiss Aire Motel

1200 Hwy 69
New Glarus, Wisconsin

Phone: 608-527-2138
Email: info@swissaire.com
Website: http://www.swissaire.com/

Rates :

  • 80.00 + tax one bed
  • 90.00 + tax two beds
Continental Breakfast Sat & Sun
Swiss Pastry Thursday & Friday

Local Area Information

  • America's "Little Switzerland", New Glarus, is located in the heart of Green County in Southern Wisconsin. Its rolling hills dotted with small towns, farms, and woodland pastures are much like the alpine farmlands of Glarus, Switzerland. New Glarus was originally settled by a hardy band of 108 Swiss pioneers in 1845 who left the Canton of Glarus in Switzerland during an economic crisis. Since then, succeeding generations and a steady stream of new Swiss immigrants have kept alive the community's Swiss-German language, folk traditions, and music. This remarkable mix of old and new Swiss in New Glarus - plus an enduring dedication to preserving ties with the homeland has made this little town a unique place to live, work, and visit...

    More found at: http://www.wistravel.com/cities_in_wisconsin/new_glarus_wisconsin

  • New Glarus Chamber of Commerce

  • New Glarus Wisconsin RESTAURANTS

  • Wikipedia on New Glarus

  • The MTF reserves the right to limit participation for any reason.

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