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2009 Regional SS1000

Philadelphia, PA
September 26th, 2009

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The Members
of the
Motorcycle Tourer's Forum

are pleased to sponsor

The Iron Butt Association's
SaddleSore 1000

(1000 miles in 24 hours)

Registration is open until September 20th, 2009.

Pre-registration required.
No on site registration will be allowed.

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Pre-ride Registration is required. No Walk-in Riders will be accommodated.
All registration fees for online registrants must be paid by September 20, 2009 or your registration will be cancelled.
During the registration process you will be required to consent to the MTF Event Agreement and Waiver.
Review it thoroughly before registering for this ride.

The MTF will submit your ride to the IBA for certification. The certification fee for this ride is $45.00 (same as if you submitted your ride directly to the IBA). If you want to make a donation to the MTF, you will be provided the opportunity to do that during the registration process. Payment information will be provided at the conclusion of the registration process.

The Site Coordinators have volunteered to make this ride happen. Please treat them respectfully.

The MTF is very safety conscious. While the MTF is only providing logistical support for your ride, we have an obligation to the Long Distance Riding community to insure that you comply with the guidelines as stipulated on this page and on the Home Page for this ride.

The Site Coordinator has full authority to limit participation for any reason.

If your participation is terminated prior to start of the ride AND you have treated the Site Coordinator respectfully, you will receive a full refund.

Philadelphia, PA
Ride Site Coordinator

Gregg Burger

Tel: (856) 297-3985


Starting Location

WaWa convenience store
602 Black Horse Pike
Mount Ephraim, NJ 08059
(856) 456-3508

Riders must be pre-registered in order to participate in this ride.
No on site registration will be allowed.

All riders must check-in with the Site Coordinator on September 26th.

The Primary Route (Lower Lakes 1000) Check-in starts at 5:00 a.m.

The Alternate Route (NY In-State) Check-in starts at 5:30 a.m.

Riders will be released once they've checked-in
All Riders must check-in before 6:00 a.m.
End of Ride Check-In will be available from 9:00 p.m. on September 26th to 6:00 a.m. on September 27th.

Responsibility to Report

The MTF and IBA are dedicated to SAFE long distance riding.
If at anytime during the ride you question whether or not you should continue, by all means you should terminate the ride.
Listening to your body is an important part of long distance riding and you should not continue unless you are comfortable with your physical and mental state.

If you terminate the ride or have an accident, you must notify the Site Coordinator as soon as reasonably possible.
If you complete the ride, you should check in with the site coordinator immediately.

Failure to report at the end of the ride or in the event of termination may result in suspension from future MTF Events.

Planned Routes and Downloadable Documents

Attention Riders: You should download and print the Witness Forms and Gas Log and complete before arriving at the site.

NOTE: The directions in the Route Details document are the suggested route directions. These directions are based upon the recommendation of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2004 - Quickest Route. There may be alternate routes to each mandatory stop but we strongly encourage you to used the suggested route directions provided in the Route Details Document.

The MS Street & Trip and Garmin Navigator files are provided for convenience only.
It is the riders responsibilty to plan their final route to ensure they obtain proper receipts at all the mandatory stops.
However, we do recommend that you follow the suggested route.

Philadelphia SS1000 Ride Flyer (PDF document*)

* Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents. It is free. Just click the image below.

Mandatory Stops

    Primary Route Mandatory Stops

    1. WaWa convenience store (Start/End Location)
    602 Black Horse Pike
    Mount Ephraim, NJ 08059
    (856) 456-3508

    2. Turnpike Travel Center (Mobil Station)
    I-90 West
    approx. 6 miles past exit 26
    near Albany, NY

    3. Turnpike Travel Center (Sunoco Station)
    I-90 West
    approx. 3 miles past exit 57A South of Buffalo, NY

    4. Pilot Travel Center
    I-90 West Exit 24
    8035 Perry Hwy
    Erie, PA 16509-6620
    (814) 864-8536

    5. Truck Stops of America
    I-80 East exit 29 5644 State Route 8
    Harrisville, PA
    814) 786-7988

    6. WaWa gas station (or other valid receipt)
    I-90 West Exit 277
    Entrance to I-476/Pennsylvania Turnpike

    7. WaWa convenience store (Start/End Location)
    602 Black Horse Pike
    Mount Ephraim, NJ 08059
    (856) 456-3508


Departing from the SS1000 Check-in:

  • Site Coordinators will start manning the check-out table at 5:00 a.m. in the parking lot on Saturday, September 26th, 2009.
  • The Riders will be released once their witness form is completed. Riders will be released a couple at a time. We do not want riders riding in a pack for safety reasons. Our goal is to get all riders out by 6:00 a.m. and release the witnesses by that time.
  • If you arrive at the staging area after 6:00 a.m. you will not be counted as part of the ride.
  • Have your witness form filled out and your odometer reading recorded. The witness should simply have to fill in the time, their personal information, and sign the form. Do your final T-CLOCK inspection before getting the witness signature.
  • When you are ready to go, advise one of the witnesses. They will validate your odometer reading and license plate number; and add the time and their personal information to the witness form.
  • When you are released from the staging area, you are expected to go directly to the get your gas receipt.
  • Plan accordingly. Eat breakfast before staging.
  • Gas up and get a receipt at the WaWa convenience store
  • You are off on the Saddle Sore 1000. Ride safe, don't push your limits, and most of all enjoy your ride.
  • Riders have up to, but no more than, 24 hours to complete the SS1000 ride using the approved route and obtain an ending computer printed gas receipt with a date and time stamp at WaWa convenience store location.

    You MUST pick up receipts at the mandatory stops in order to validate the corners of the approved route:
    Some IBA riders get two receipts at Start, Finish and each Mandatory Stop. It is a lot easier to get both a gas receipt and a receipt for snack/water at important stops than to repeat a ride because a receipt went missing. Many IBA riders store their receipts in a waterproof, zip-sealed plastic bag.

    Returning from the Philadelphia, PA SS1000:

  • Once you return from your ride, you are required to obtain a gas receipt at WaWa convenience store .
  • You can stop the panic. Your official time has been recorded on your receipt.
  • Waiting until our witnesses are available will not affect the certification of your ride.
  • Site Coordinators will be manning the check-in table from 9:00 p.m. September 26th until 6:00 a.m. September 27 th.
  • If you arrive at the check-in table after 6:00 a.m. on September 27th, you will not be counted as part of the ride.
  • You must turn in your completed documentation (Witness forms, Stop Log, and Gas Receipts) to the Site Coordinator at the completion of your ride. If you do not turn in your documentation, you will not be counted as part of the ride.
  • Congratulations on a great ride!


    Important Safety Information

    1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions on the MTF Regional SS1000 Home Page

    2. What are the rider's responsibilities?

      Riders will be required to acknowledge their responsibilities during the registration process. Each rider is responsible for their own ride. The MTF is helping with the logistics by planning a route and arranging for witnesses; however, the rider is responsible for the ride. Safety is of primary importance.

      If the MTF discovers that a rider has violated their responsibilities, even if it is after the ride is certified, the MTF will notify the IBA and the certification will be revoked.

    3. The rider is responsible for doing TCLOCK!

      T-CLOCK is a mnemonic developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for assisting you in doing a comprehensive pre-ride (or a pre-purchase) inspection of a motorcycle. It is easily memorized and very useful. The individual letters stand for the specific areas to check:

    4. Tires and wheels
      Lights and electrical
      Oil and fluids

    Hotel accommodations near Start/Finish

    Hotel Near Start/Finish

    Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites

    109 9TH AVE
    RUNNEMEDE, NJ 08078
    Telephone: 1-856-9394200


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