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2015 Photo Contest

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January Winner
January 2015 Winner

Guin, AL Memorial Park
Submitted By: Don Norwood (DonNorwood)
January Runner Up
January 2015 Runner Up

Capitan Mountains, New Mexico
Submitted By: George Romero (Tankhead)
February Winner
February 2015 Winner

Snow on the mountain a half days ride from the equator in Equador
Submitted By: Bert Shuler (FJRider)
February Runner Up
February 2015 Runner Up

Crossing Sonoita Creek
Submitted By: Susan Simons
March Winner
March 2015 Winner

Took 'Ol Blue out to celebrate 15th anniversary together
Submitted By: Brian (BRIANnCOLO)
March Runner Up
March 2015 Runner Up

MS RRR - Meet at Mama's
Submitted By: Greg Turp (WANDRR)
April Winner
April 2015 Winner

Enchanted Rock and wild flowers in the Texas Hill Country
Submitted By: Wes Head aka Dusty (TNKawboy)
April Runner Up
April 2015 Runner Up

In the Redwoods near Santa Cruz
Submitted By: John Prout (Mr. Gadget (jp1018))
May Winner
May 2015 Winner

Opening day at Trail Ridge Road in Colorado
Submitted By: Brian (BRIANnCOLO)
May Runner Up
May 2015 Runner Up

Just a random red rock in New Mexico
Submitted By: Leslie V Leslie (llpiggy)
June Winner
June 2015 Winner

At a pass in the French Alps
Submitted By: Greg (WANDRR)
2015 Runner-Up Photo of the Year!
June Runner Up
June 2015 Runner Up

One of many from the MTF Hyder trip
Submitted By: Darryl (ChiGuy64)
July Winner
July 2015 Winner

Sunset near my house in Florida
Submitted By: Greg Rice (Travel_Man)
July Runner Up
July 2015 Runner Up

Going down that long, lonely and wet road
Submitted By: Andy® Simons (andy112652)
August Winner
August 2015 Winner

A Nebraska Morning
Submitted By: Brian Hiley (BaldEagle (bhiley))
August Runner Up
August 2015 Runner Up

Rode through RMNP at dawn
Submitted By: Brian (BRIANnCOLO)
September Winner
September 2015 Winner

Fall sunrise in RMNP
Submitted By: Brian (BRIANnCOLO)
2015 Photo of the Year!
September Runner Up
September 2015 Runner Up

Submitted By: Steve (Bluesjammer2)
October Winner
October 2015 Winner

RRR in North Carolina
Submitted By: Kevin (toondebt11)
October Runner Up
October 2015 Runner Up

Leaving my driveway in Dade City FL on a foggy Saturday morning
Headed for a RTE
Submitted By: David Gillespie (DragonFlyUC)
November Winner
November 2015 Winner

Moniteau Creek at Mt. Hope Road, Cole County, MO
Submitted By: Nathan (grindstonemo)
November Runner Up
November 2015 Runner Up

Murphy Ford Road, Cole County, MO
Submitted By: Nathan (grindstonemo)
December Winner
December 2015 Winner

OMW home from the LD Riders Last Ride of the Year
Submitted By: Greg Turp (WANDRR)
December Runner Up
December 2015 Runner Up

Cape Cod MA in December
Submitted By: Mike Woods (Magilla (99olivecrmT))

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