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2014 Photo Contest

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January Winner
January 2014 Winner

Winter ride after snow in southern NH
Submitted By: Pat McGhie (RockyNH)
January Runner Up
January 2014 Runner Up

A shortcut from Argentina to Chile
Submitted By: Bert Shuler (FJRider)
February Winner
February 2014 Winner

The northern part of Ruta 40 in Argentina
Submitted By: Bert Shuler (FJRider)
February Runner Up
February 2014 Runner Up

Dan Huber's pic of Beth Huber in Big Bend NP, TX
Submitted By: Dan Huber (EODmaps)
March Winner
March 2014 Winner

Front Gate display for motorcycle collection - Carrollton, MS
Submitted By: Andy Simons (andy112652)
March Runner Up
March 2014 Runner Up

Ron Nolan's "Cabin-in-the-Woods", headquarters for Mississippi RRR
Submitted By: Andy Simons (andy112652)
April Winner
April 2014 Winner

In the mountains
Submitted By: Dan Putt (Puttzy (da_puttz))
April Runner Up
April 2014 Runner Up

The Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum in Waterloo IA
Submitted By: Darren (thomas12t)
May Winner
May 2014 Winner

Fletcher Clark crossing a swinging bridge on the Missouri RRR
Submitted By: Andy Simons (andy112652)
May Runner Up
May 2014 Runner Up

Sunrise shot in Chesapeake City, MD
during Mason Dixon 20-20 Rally in 2014
Submitted By: Steve Diederich (sdiederich1)
June Winner
June 2014 Winner

Enjoying North Carolina Route 80 S
just southeast of BRP
Submitted By: Nathan (grindstonemo)
June Runner Up
June 2014 Runner Up

Gas stop in VT during Americade
Beau peddled up and pulled in behind the bike
Submitted By: David Lampila (stonecritter)
July Winner
July 2014 Winner

Gene Powell and his new KTM 690
Mount Ebert and Independence Pass in background
Submitted By: Andy Simons (andy112652)
July Runner Up
July 2014 Runner Up

Badlands SD on trip to Vancouver
Submitted By: David Lampila (stonecritter)
August Winner
August 2014 Winner

Hillside Rd near Priest Gulch, CO
Submitted By: Andy Simons (andy112652)
August Runner Up
August 2014 Runner Up

Dog is ready to go after lunch
Rumbleseats Restautrant, Spring Green WI
Submitted By: David Lampila (stonecritter)
September Winner
September 2014 Winner

2013 Indian Vintage Limited Edition
at restored Conoco Service Station
Route 66 in Shamrock TX
Submitted By: Bob Moore (DragRacerBob(Robert13647))
September Runner Up
September 2014 Runner Up

Beau Burrows on a forest road in the Smokey Mountains RRR
Submitted By: Andy Simons (andy112652)
October Winner
October 2014 Winner

Beartooth Pass, just past the summit, heading southwest into Yellowstone
Submitted By: Dean Bradford (RSTD05)
2014 Photo of the Year!
October Runner Up
October 2014 Runner Up

Lake Hope State Park in Southeast Ohio
Submitted By: Jeff Smith (imjinscout)
2014 Runner-Up Photo of the Year!
November Winner
November 2014 Winner

Rough Road Riding in Bent Mountain, VA
Submitted By: Sylvia (Voyager1300)
November Runner Up
November 2014 Runner Up

Harold A Campbell Public Use Area
off US27W into the Everglades
Submitted By: Greg Rice (Travel_Man)
December Winner
December 2014 Winner

Andy's bike at sundown on a SC forest road
Submitted By: Andy Simons (andy112652)
December Runner Up
December 2014 Runner Up

Andy's special Christmas ornament
Submitted By: Andy Simons (andy112652)

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