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2013 Photo Contest

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January Winner
January 2013 Winner

Union Bridge up near Paris, MO
Submitted By: Jeff Holaday (WildwoodJeff)
January Runner Up
January 2013 Runner Up

Santa Hats are in season
Submitted By: George Smith (mrclean28g)
February Winner
February 2013 Winner

Big Bend National Park
Submitted By: Andy® Simons (andy112652)
February Runner Up
February 2013 Runner Up

A ride with some friends
Submitted By: Will Kumley (blackaero1)
March Winner
March 2013 Winner

Getting ready for riding season
Submitted By: Leslie V Leslie (California (llpiggy))
March Runner Up
March 2013 Runner Up

Getting ready for riding season
Submitted By: Leslie V Leslie (California (llpiggy))
April Winner
April 2013 Winner

Early April morning along Sulphur Lick Road
Submitted By: John Sauer (John in Louisville (Sourjon))
April Runner Up
April 2013 Runner Up

New bike blooms in Springtime
Submitted By: Mike Newton (Grizz (grizz117))
May Winner
May 2013 Winner

A Riot of Color
Submitted By: Willie (nyc_rag)
May Runner Up
May 2013 Runner Up

Cowpasture Road N in VA
Submitted By: David Lampila (stonecritter)
June Winner
June 2013 Winner

North of Col de Vars, France
Submitted By: David Lampila (stonecritter)
2013 Photo of the Year
June Runner Up
June 2013 Runner Up

Yoho River Valley near the village of Field, BC
Submitted By: Jack Gustafson (AlcanRider)
July Winner
July 2013 Winner

Bear Tooth Highway
Submitted By: Chad Smith (Tucson Nomad (tucson_nomad))
July Runner Up
July 2013 Runner Up

Bear Tooth Highway
Submitted By: William Saul (BRIANnCOLO)
August Winner
August 2013 Winner

Rough Road Riding in California
Submitted By: John Sauer (John in Louisville (Sourjon))
2013 Runner-Up Photo of the Year
August Runner Up
August 2013 Runner Up

Different kinda pic ;-)
Submitted By: John Prout (Mr. Gadget (jp1018))
September Winner
September 2013 Winner

My last RRR of 2013
Submitted By: Kevin Smith (toondebt11)
September Runner Up
September 2013 Runner Up

Cows looking over a NYC boy
Submitted By: Dave Greenberg (Jersey Dave (dsgrn56))
October Winner
October 2013 Winner

A cold October ride
Submitted By: Steve (Bluesjammer2)
October Runner Up
October 2013 Runner Up

Crossing the Hudson River
Submitted By: Pat (HOY750)
November Winner
November 2013 Winner

Autumn Road
Submitted By: Darryl Halbert (ChiGuy64)
November Runner Up
November 2013 Runner Up

A Fall afternoon ride
Submitted By: John Bryant (sarkri)
December Winner
December 2013 Winner

Kelly's Last Winning Photo
Submitted By: Kelly Wier (kman (gtscpe))
December Runner Up
December 2013 Runner Up

1923 library in Glanworth, ON
Submitted By: Cliff Hick (cliffhick)

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