2005 Summer Mountain Ride East

July 15 & 16, 2005

Ride Coordinator: Andy Simons

It's over for 2005...

Thirty-four riders and friends came to the 2005 MTF Summer Mountain ride. Most of the group met at the Ridge top Motel and Campground for a sign-in/social time before participating in a group ride to the Tapoco Lodge for supper. Nearly everyone in our group at the lodge picked the catfish for their supper. The food was well served, plentiful, and very good. After supper, several riders headed up the hill to the store at Deal's Gap. Tom and Nancy Elrick and Gregg and Linda Burger took a ride out and back on the Dragon. All had a great time and I even saw a couple of new Drogon T-Shirts. Those of us who dawdled around the store too long got a little damp on the ride back to the Ridge Top when riding through a small but heavy rain shower. Saturday was the day for the SMR Poker Run. The riders had to choose 3 of 15 locations to win cards for their poker hand. The MTF bunch covered the mountains as they visited places like Pisgah Inn, the Wheels Through Time museum, Bridal Veil Falls, Stewart's Cabin, and even Ducktown. Twenty-four riders paid $10 each to enter and Susan Riley got $160 for three 10's while Ted Roberts got $80 for 2 pair. Most of us headed to the BBQ Wagon for Saturday night supper but a few took off for the Casino at Cherokee (I heard the Ted was able to add to his poker run winnings). The evening ended with a large group sitting together in the yard at the Ridge Top and sharing the day's experiences.

Click Here for Pictures from the 2005 Ride

2004 SMR group photo at start

The Summer Mountain Ride East is scheduled to start Friday, July 15, 2005. Plans for the day include a group ride to supper. Most of our group will be staying at the Ridgetop Motel & Campgrounds. The owners of the Ridge Top, Ron and Darlene Pickett, offer our group a great rate ($50 for one bed, $55 for 2 beds, campsites also available) and enjoy having motorcycle riders stay at their motel/campground. Be sure and mention the the MTF Summer Mountain Ride when you call for your reservation. Make your reservations early. Motels in this area fill up fast at $100+ rates.

Riders will also need to register for the ride through: Jason Jonas' Ridemaster

A List of Participants will be maintained through the registration process.

Online registration ends Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pre-ride Registration is encouraged. During the registration process you will be required to consent to an Agreement and Waiver. Review it thoroughly before registering for this ride. Walk-in Riders will be accommodated if they sign the Agreement and Waiver at the site.

If you want to make a donation to the MTF, you will be provided the opportunity to do that during the registration process. Payment information will be provided at the conclusion of the registration process.

Game Plan Day July 15
Meet and Greet from 1:00P - 3:30P at the Ridge Top Motel and Campground
Ride to supper 4:00P - 5:30P (site to be determined).

Game Plan July 16
Poker run Sign-in 8:00A - 9:00A
Poker Run 9:00A - 5:00P
Poker Run Drawing 5:00P - 6:00P

Supper Saturday night will on your own. Possibilties include sending out for Pizza or eating at the BBQ Hut on US 19.

The 2005 Poker Run Map and Plan:
2005 Poker Run Map

Saturday's main activity at the Summer Mountain Ride/Smokey Mountains Rough Road Ride will be a Poker Run. The following guidelines apply: Participation is voluntary. You can come to the Summer Mountain Ride/Smokey Mountains Rough Road Ride and do your own thing. Entry Fee for the Poker Run will be $10. We will play 5 card poker. Please reference Hoyle for poker hand ratings. Riders earn credit for a card when they sign-in, credit for 3 cards by visiting 3 (of 16) sites shown on the poker run map (must show proof of visit), and credit for the final card by returning to the Ridge Top and checking in before 5:00P. Any ties will be broken by "cutting for the high card". All money taken for the poker run will be paid back as prizes (probably 66% first place, 33% second place). Sign-in for Saturday only riders will be from 8:00A till 9:00A. Check-in/drawings will be from 5:00P till 6:00p.

The view from the Cherola Overlook in 2003
Cherola Overlook in 2003

Pics from SMR 2004
Pics from SMR 2003
Pics from SMR 2002

The SMR organizers: Susan & Andy Simons
Email: andy112652@aol.com

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