In March, 2002 several members of the MTF met to ride the Natchez Trace. A great time was had by all and there was some talk about having an annual ride. In May, 2002 several members of the MTF participated in what was called the MTF 50CC/100CCC Iron Butt Association Ride ( ). The ride was very successful with 9 riders completing the 50CC and 2 riders completing the 100CCC. Again there was some discussion of having an annual MTF Endurance ride. Yogi (Tom Maiden) suggested the concept of an MTF Poker Run from Hell which would consist of five consecutive 1000 miles rides. As the concept developed, it was decided that we should also offer Flower Sniff'n rides as well, so that all of the MTF members could participate together. After much discussion the MTF Poker Run from Hell, has become a reality.

Russellville, AR was chosen as the event location and the event was held May 19-24, 2003. May 19-23 were riding days and a banquet (lunch) was held on Saturday, May 24.

This event brought together both Endurance Riders and Flower Sniffers. Riders had the daily choice of  rides to match their desires:

The MTF received approval from Mike Kneebone of the Iron Butt Association to validate your rides. We will be doing this by:

At the end of each 1000 mile ride the mileage was validated to be consistent  with the planned route. Based upon this validation, riders were provided an MTF Certificate for each 1000 mile ride completed. If the riders wanted the ride certified by the IBA, they were to copy the certificate and use it as documentation in lieu of the traditional documentation, i.e. gas receipts, etc. 

Did We Have A Good Time?


Successful Endurance Riders

Riders completing all five 1000 mile rides, thus completing the Iron Butt Associations SaddleSore 5000 were awarded the special momento shown above in addition to the MTF certificates. 

SaddleSore 5000 Finishers

Greg Burger
Randy Chom
Bob Elliott
Bo Griffin
Dave Hinks
Dennis Powell
Dave Shealy*
Doug Woodall

* Dave Shealy added 2000 miles to the front end and 3000 miles to the back end and successfully completed 10,000 miles in 10 days.

The following riders also had successful 1000 mile rides:

Ollie Bingeman - SaddleSore 3000
Jeff Miller - SaddleSore 2000 and SaddleSore 1000
Dave Nelson - SaddleSore 2000
John Beck - SaddleSore 1000
Doug James - SaddleSore 1000
George Loudder - SaddleSore 1000
Randy Meyers - SaddleSore 1000

Special Awards

There were five special momentos awarded to Flower Sniffers 



The PHFH Pot totaled $500. Each participant was given a deck of cards to shuffle. They were then asked to pass the deck on to the person on their right.

Monies collected for the PRFH Pot were split as follows:

The PRFH Slow Race

Registration in the PRFH qualified each rider for PRFH Slow Race. This wasn't be just any slow race, but a slow race from HELL. The original layout was as shown below with the addition of a 50 foot by 3 foot wide lead-in and exit making the entire course about 188 feet. 

After laying out the course and making a few trial runs, it was evident that this was just too tight so the box was resized to 35 x 60 and the 50 foot exit was eliminated.

Riders were given about a 10 foot rolling start before their official time started. Riders were penalized 10 seconds for each time they put their foot down and for each time they touched the boundary with the front wheel. Judges Don Braziel and Joy Trexler-Carr had the option of assessing a penalty for stalling.

The winner of the Slow Race was Bob Moore with a time of 121.69 seconds. To put this in perspective, the second place rider Ollie Bingeman has a time of 81. seconds and the time dropped quickly from there. Looks like in future slow races Bob will be placed in the Expert Class.

In wasn't in the plan  but I think it started by a comment from Don Kime that he was going to win the Three-up class with Barb and his dog Maddy which was riding in a carrier mounted to the trunk lid. Well we didn't have a Three-up class but we did have a two up class for each couple that had registered. The winner of the Two-up Class was Ron and Pat Brown with a time of 23.75 seconds.

The winners of the slow race received a Blue Denim Shirt embroidered 2003 MTF PRFH Slow Race Champion.

Mason Dixon 20/20 Bonus Location

Rick Miller and Alan Leduc plotted to provide and interesting bonus for the 48 hour Mason Dixon 20/20 riders. After riding to Russellville from the start of the Rally at York, Pennsylvania (the direct route is 1138 miles), riders were required to participate in the slow race to receive their bonus points. Alan was more devious as he wanted to make it a variable bonus depending on the placement of the riders in the slow race. However, Rick decided to be a nice Rallymaster and provided the following notation in the Rallybook

Dardanelle Old Port Road Park Saturday: 10am - 2pm only
1598 Lock and Damn Road
Russellville, AR
N35.24487 W93.16067
Dardanelle Park is located off AR-7 (I-40 Exit 81), along the Arkansas River.

Go to Shelters 5 & 6. Here you will find the finishers'BBQ banquet for the MTF Poker Run From Hell. Locate either Alan Leduc (2003 Palmetto RambleChampion) or Jason Jonas (2003 Waltz Across Texas Champion), and follow their explicit instructions. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the task assigned. Once complete you will get a score. Have Alan or Jason sign your answer sheet and indicate your score. There might be some Q left for you if you behave.

Let's just say that the expression on each riders face while removing their gear and hearing, "Don't take your gear off just yet, you have to earn the bonus points." Followed by an explanation of the slow race.

Only the first names for the riders that claimed the bonus were recorded, but here is a guess as to the participants.

Looks like the PRFH was a sucker bonus as our top finisher was 10th place. It was still a lot of fun. I don't remember which rider it was but he actually used his turn signals at each turn in the slow race.

Mile Burn'n

Most riders signed in and out each day, recording their odometer readings. Some felt that this violated sniffi'n rules and didn't. The total recorded mileage was 77,018 miles. That is a lot of mile burn'n for the 27 riders that recorded mileage. This is the total reported based upon the logs. Some folks did not record their odometer on the log sheet so the total is understated.

Gregg Burger
5131 Randy Meyers 1101
Doug Woodall 5406 Tom Maiden 1797
Bo Griffin 5260 Alan Leduc 2023
Dennis Powell 4980 Bob Moore 1475
Dave Hinks 5365 Ron & Pat Brown 1611
Dave Shealy 5395 Mike Cobb 1319
Bob Elliott 5448 Terry & Marsha Braud 1779
Randy Chom 5185 Jim Fortner 1587
Ollie Bingeman 4532 Jason Jonas 1813
George Loudder 2237 Joy Trexler-Carr 1831
John Beck 2456 Paige Cobb 1150
Jeff Miller 3689 Lou Canick 771
Dave Nelson 2096 Randy Stallings 553
Doug James 1028


Some of those in the list were not able to participate but supported the event by purchasing merchandise.
Alan Leduc AL2000 New Castle, IN
David Hinks DAVEH141 Lemont, IL
Lou Canick Lou (RhinoStar) Omaha, NE
In Memory of Vince Bruno (Jester)
Doug Woodall jdwoodall Gunter, TX
Don Kime Saftnut(dkime2) Dayton, OH
Barbara Kime Saftnut(dkime2) Dayton, OH
Mike Cobb Cobber Nashville, TN
Paige Cobb Blue Ace Nashville, TN
Terry Braud TB Gonzales, LA
Marsha Braud --- Gonzales, LA
Bo Griffin Griffin414 Prosper, TX
Dave Nelson chfnelson Bloomington, MN
Tom Maiden Yogi Chandler, AZ
David Shealey Dshealey1 Jamul, CA
Jason Jonas nankoweap Irving, TX
Bob Elliott Poorboy20 Atlanta, MI
Joy Trexler-Carr --- Wyomissing, PA
Joyce Johnson Babebr Benton, KY
Steve Spurlock Tugsznbiker (STEVE16187) Pensacola, FL
John Beck --- Glendale, AZ
Jim Parr Kickapoojim LaFarge, WI
Gregg Burger Ultrafirebike Oaklyn, NJ
Gene Sax Driftr Atkins, AR
Michelle Matheron MMatheron Columbus, OH
Roger Bliss Wheeldog Wasilla, AK
Randy Chom Ranman Clinton Twp., MI
Bob Moore DragRacerBob Fairdale, KY
George Loudder g11 College Station, TX
Ron Waldrep ronald1351 Smithville, TX
Bret Buswell PBBUZZY Trenton, MO
Ollie Bingaman OBingaman Manteca, CA
David Helmers --- Mesquite, TX
Jerry Apfel Jerry Covington, TN
Gene Beaver --- Greensboro, NC
Randy Stallings StYd Cocoa, FL
Ron Brown RonFJR03 Burleson, TX
Pat Brown --- Burleson, TX
Jim Fortner Langly Plano, TX
Don Braziel Braz Burleson, TX
Robert Zieroth --- Wisconsin Rapids, WI
John Hargis BigTexRider Gun Barrel City, TX
JoAnn Hargis --- Gun Barrel City, TX
BJ Ondo BJOJR (Motorcyclerider) Colorado Springs, CO
Jo Ondo --- Colorado Springs, CO
Doug James Partchase Dallas, TX
Larry McCoy lamarmccoy Grand Prarie, TX
Martha McCoy --- Grand Prarie, TX
Dennis Powell Roadmap Webster City, IA
Bruce Parker Papydawg Norman, OK
Jeff Miller jeff Waxahachie, TX
Randy Meyers --- Arkansas
Tom Nichols FLHRCL1 Texas
Bill Neese Just Bill Tennessee
Rich Chaffin Just Rick Tennessee
 Joe Chambers Memphis Tennessee

The Banquet

The banquet was held at 11:00 a.m at Dardanelle Old Post Road Park, Shelters #5 & #6, 1598 Lock and Dam Road, Russellville, AR 72801, (479) 968-7962. GPS Coordinates for Shelters N35 14.692 W93 09.640. This was right on the Arkansas River and offered a great view. There was some concern that it might rain and we would be two groups trying to celebrate. The weather cooperated and the numbers were such that we only needed one shelter so things worked out for us.

Let's Just say that there was plenty of food. I asked for one of the folks camping close to us to pass word through the park that there was plenty. Instead they decided to take it all. Hmmm. Hope they enjoyed it..

About the MTF:

The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum ( ) began in July, 2001 with the goal of providing a friendly place where motorcycle riders could gather to discuss riding. The MTF now commonly has more than 200 posts per day and nearly 400 active members and many more members that lurk or post occasionally. 

While Tourer's is an essential part of the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum name, we define touring very loosely. Day Riders,  Weekend Trippers, Vacationers, Long Distance Tourers, and Endurance Riders all cohabitate. We respect each others riding styles and recognize that riding is riding. We recognize difference of opinion on many issues but allow no personal attacks or name calling.

The forum is non-brand specific and brand bashing is strictly prohibited. It doesn't matter what you ride, someone on the MTF probably does or has ridden it. 

We encourage you to drop by the MTF to share your experiences and dreams.

Host Hotel

Best Western Inn
2326 North Arkansas Avenue
Russellville, Arkansas 72802
479-967-1000  Fax: 479-967-3586

I didn't here any complaints about the hotel so hopefully it was satisfactory. We wanted to set up an easel to post rides and they would not allow us to do so. We had tried to contact them to inquire about this before arriving but kept getting, "You will have to talk to the owner." Next time we will deal with this before blocking the rooms. We ended up using a little table tucked in a corner, with paper and clipboard.

Host Campgrounds

Dardanelle Old Post Road Park 
1598 Lock and Dam Road
Russellville, AR 72801
(479) 968-5008

GPS Coordinates for Campground Entrance
N35 14.988 W93 09.409

Old Post Road Park is located 3 miles west of State Hwy 7 south in Russellville on State Hwy 7 south spur. It is overlooking the north bank of the Arkansas River at Dardanelle Lock & Dam. It is a Class A Park with flush toilets, showers, a trailer dump station, visitor protection, and new, level sites with water and electricity at each.

Map of the Park

Note: Sites 15-25 will be closest to the shelters where the banquet will be held.


They allowed two tents or two pop up campers on each site, which saved some camping fees which were only $16.00 per day. Next time, I bet we reserve sites closer to the restrooms.