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January Winner
January 2009 Winner

Death Valley .. Dantes View .. looking over at Telescope Peak and Badwater ... highest and lowest spots
Submitted By: John (Mr.Gadget (jp1018))
January Runner Up
January 2009 Runner Up

Artists Drive in Death Valley
Submitted By: Roger Bliss (Wheeldog)
February Winner
February 2009 Winner

Icy narrow streets
Submitted By: Gregg Burger (Ultrafirbik)
February Runner Up
February 2009 Runner Up

Road to Die Hell, South Africa
Submitted By: Bert (FJRrider)
March Winner
March 2009 Winner

Big Sur coastline, CA Hwy 1 , north of Lucia
Submitted By: Kelly Wier (kman (gtscpe))
March Runner Up
March 2009 Runner Up

Out for a coffee run in Ontario, Canada
Submitted By: Cliff Hick (cliffhick)
April Winner
April 2009 Winner

after lunch on Saturday at Moonshine
Submitted By: John in Louisville (Sourjon)
April Runner Up
April 2009 Runner Up

Grand Tetons, Wyoming
Submitted By: David Joe Carter
May Winner
May 2009 Winner

UT-128 near Moab
Submitted By: Barb Smith (Runner (agmom98))
May Runner Up
May 2009 Runner Up

Kolob Canyon near Cedar City
Submitted By: Kelly Wier (kman (gtscpe))
June Winner
June 2009 Winner

Indiana Bike Wash
Submitted By: Beth Huber (aka the BOSS)
June Runner Up
June 2009 Runner Up

On the Haines Highway (Alaska)
Submitted By: Timmer (tkbowman)
July Winner
July 2009 Winner

Submitted By: Leslie V Leslie (California (llpiggy))
July Runner Up
July 2009 Runner Up

Submitted By: Dragon (Greg_LC)
August Winner
August 2009 Winner

Fletcher, riding the switchbacks in Austria.... having too much fun!
Submitted By: Don Norwood
August Runner Up
August 2009 Runner Up

Submitted By: Bryan McCrary (bmccraryfz6)
September Winner
September 2009 Winner

most awesome camp site ever found. A random county road along hwy 550 (million dollar hwy) near Red Mountain
Submitted By: Matt Milanowski (FZ1 Matt (_mtm_))
September Runner Up
September 2009 Runner Up

Glacier Park MT
Submitted By: Kelly Wier (kman (gtscpe))
October Winner
October 2009 Winner

Submitted By: Terry Lawley (CBXIntruder)
October Runner Up
October 2009 Runner Up

The Fall of Buell
Submitted By: Matt Milanowski (FZ1 Matt (_mtm_))
November Winner
November 2009 Winner

Submitted By: Dan Huber (MapMaker(eodmaps))
November Runner Up
November 2009 Runner Up

Submitted By: Mike Newton (grizz117)
December Winner
December 2009 Winner

over Lake Michigan from the Northpoint park/cafe area
Submitted By: Andy (xsPain)
December Runner Up
December 2009 Runner Up

Submitted By: Cammy (RoadKingRon

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