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January Winner
January 2008 Winner

Kettle Moraine in SE Wisconsin
Submitted By: Matt Milanowski (FZ1 Matt (_mtm_))
January Runner Up
January 2008 Runner Up

Aoraki Mount Cook - South Island New Zealand
Submitted By: Dave Badcock (GarminDave)
February Winner
February 2008 Winner

Ford Sound, New Zealand
Submitted By: Don Norwood (DonNorwood)
February Runner Up
February 2008 Runner Up

Sunrise greets another wonderful Big Bend day!
Submitted By: Voni G (VoniG)
March Winner
March 2008 Winner

Submitted By: Jason Jonas (nankoweap))
March Runner Up
March 2008 Runner Up

Bluebonnets near Terlingua
Submitted By: Voni G (VoniG)
April Winner
April 2008 Winner

Morning ride on the Cherohala Skyway
Submitted By: Matt Milanowski (FZ1_Matt (_mtm_))
April Runner Up
April 2008 Runner Up

Sunset on the Cherohala
Submitted By: Mark Milanowski (WATERGUY1)
May Winner
May 2008 Winner

Park Ridge Road - Mammoth Cave NP
Submitted By: Jason Jonas (nankoweap)
May Runner Up
May 2008 Runner Up

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Submitted By: Mark Campbell (camelmd)
June Winner
June 2008 Winner

Mile 262 on southbound Dalton Highway
Submitted By: Jack Gustafson (AKldrider)
June Runner Up
June 2008 Runner Up

Jasper National Park. Alberta-Canada
Submitted By: George Hauffe (KiK-Start (grhauffe))
July Winner
July 2008 Winner

Getting ready to rain in Monument Valley
Submitted By: Matt Milanowski (FZ1 Matt (_mtm_) )
July Runner Up
July 2008 Runner Up

Highway 108 in California, near Sonora Pass
Submitted By: Keith Williams (PokeyV65)
August Winner
August 2008 Winner

Riding the Pacifc Northwest
Submitted By: GHOST (RG314)
August Runner Up
August 2008 Runner Up

Sunrise over Lake Lewisville, Tx
Submitted By: Leslie V. Leslie (llpiggy)
September Winner
September 2008 Winner

Haul Road in Alaska
Submitted By: Jack Gustafson (AKldrider)
September Runner Up
September 2008 Runner Up

Smoky Mountain Flower Sniffers
Submitted By: Claye C (Fleeter(ClayeC))
October Winner
October 2008 Winner

Near Glady WV on Glady Road
Submitted By: Kent W McBee (kwmcb)
October Runner Up
October 2008 Runner Up

Hawks Nest ... New York State
Submitted By: Dave (DAVSET77)
November Winner
November 2008 Winner

North end of the Lost Coast Road
Submitted By: Terry Lawley (CbxIntruder)
November Runner Up
November 2008 Runner Up

New Mexico
Submitted By: Voni Glaves (VoniG))
December Winner
December 2008 Winner

Cedar Key, Florida
Submitted By: Fleeter(ClayeC)
December Runner Up
December 2008 Runner Up

Cedar Key, FL
Submitted By: Randy Stallings (StYd)

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