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January Winner
January 2007 Winner

Matt goes riding after snowstorm
Submitted By: Mark Milanowski (WATERGUY1)
January Runner Up
January 2007 Runner Up

Dominican vendor riding his bike home at sunset
Submitted By: Pat (Hoy-C90T (Hoy750))
February Winner
February 2007 Winner

Winter Riding in Alaska
Submitted By: Jack Gustafson (AKldrider)
February Runner Up
February 2007 Runner Up

Mammoth Cave area, near Houchins Ferry
Submitted By: Jason Jonas (nankoweap)
March Winner
March 2007 Winner

Where the Wild Ones are
Submitted By: Wayne Boyter (WBoyter)
March Runner Up
March 2007 Runner Up

Alaska on my mind
Submitted By: Jack Gustafson (AKldrider)
April Winner
April 2007 Winner

Riding in California
Submitted By: Joy Dutta (jdutta78)
April Runner Up
April 2007 Runner Up

Texas Bluebonnets
Submitted By: Jason Jonas (nankoweap)
May Winner
May 2007 Winner

Red Rock State Park in NM
Submitted By: CA Dreamin' (BOREDnIN)
May Runner Up
May 2007 Runner Up

Pikes Peak in May!
Submitted By: Dan Huber (MapMaker (EODMaps) )
June Winner
June 2007 Winner

Highway 17 in Colorado
Submitted By: Wayne Boyter (WBoyter)
June Runner Up
June 2007 Runner Up

Alan Leduc riding the Dalton Highway
Submitted By: Kevin Lechner (leck63)
July Winner
July 2007 Winner

Colorado Vista
Submitted By: Anaconda (anacondax)
July Runner Up
July 2007 Runner Up

The Icefield Pkwy, Alberta, CA
Submitted By: Mike Blevins
August Winner
August 2007 Winner

between Independence and Onion Valley, California.
Mount Whitney in the background
Submitted By: Christopher Robbins(cdrobbins)
August Runner Up
August 2007 Runner Up

Evening at the Eidfjord
Submitted By: WimJ
September Winner
September 2007 Winner

Which Way?
Submitted By: Jon Kohler (LngRidr)
September Runner Up
September 2007 Runner Up

Ulysses on the North Yorkshire Moors
Submitted By: David Badcock (GarminDave)
October Winner
October 2007 Winner

A quiet road
Submitted By: Steve (Bluesjammer2)
October Runner Up
October 2007 Runner Up

Mount Shasta
Submitted By: Mike Bobbitt (IB Mike (Bobbittm))
November Winner
November 2007 Winner

Colorful East Tennessee

Submitted By: Don Norwood (DonNorwood)
November Runner Up
November 2007 Runner Up

Ulysses Adventure Trek
in Brecon Beacons, Wales
Submitted By: Dave Badcock (GarminDave)
December Winner
December 2007 Winner

Death Valley
Submitted By: Mike Bobbitt (IB Mike (Bobbittm))
December Runner Up
December 2007 Runner Up

Death Valley
Submitted By: Roger Bliss (Wheeldog)

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