MTF  50CC/100CCC 
March 2003

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Two World Records were set on this ride.

The 50CC EW Riders
set a new record of
15 Riders for a 50CC Quest

Duane Carpenter, Will Crain, Lynn Endsley, Peter Icaza, Ken Jimenez, Richard Knipe, Rich Kuechenmeister, John Langan, Kevin Lechner, Richard Matthews, Brian Roberts, Bruce Simpson, Robert Shelton, Al Wegleitner, Chuck Wilkins

The 100CCC EWE Riders
set a new record of
26 Riders for a 100CCC Gold

Will Allender, Don Braziel, Rocky Brown, David Bruischart, Richard Buber, Gregg Burger, Art Garvin, Michael Glass, Bruce Harris Jr., Steven Hebert, Ulrich Hermeler, Dave Hinks, Chuck Huber, Jason Jonas, Victoria Juodenaite, Alan Leduc, Greg Martin, Ron McNary, Jeff Miller, Bob Moore, Wally Nichols, John Oravec, Jon David Power, Gerald Roberts, Gary Schaefer, Bill Wade

See bottom of page for details regarding the World Record.

50 CC Quest - Cross Country in Less than 50 Hours
100CCC Gold - Back to Back 50CC Quests

As of August 30, 2002, only 208 riders had completed the 50CC Quest or the 50CC Quest Gold
and as of May 2, 2002, only 44 riders had completed the CCC Gold. 

This ride was organized by the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum at the request of its members to repeat the successful 2002 Motorcycle Tourer's Forum 50CC/100CCC ride where nine participants completed the 50CC and two members completed the 100CCC.  Although the trip was organized as a "group" ride, riders rode individually and joined with other riders at the end to celebrate. 

50CC EW 17 Riders Completed the Ride
100CCC EWE 26 Riders Completed the Ride
50CC WE  9 Riders Completed the Ride
100CCC WEW 10 Riders Completed the Ride


Iron Butt Logo

Iron Butt Association

50CC Quest Information and Rules

CCC Gold (100CCC) is back to back 50CC Quests

Trip Philosophy

A quote from an LDRider will be used as the philosophy for the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum 50CC/100CCC Iron Butt Association Ride: "Everyone gets tired at different times, or gets hungry or even has to pee at different times. It's YOUR ride and it really isn't much fun when you are sitting on the side of the road waiting for your riding partner who is taking a quick nap."

The World Record

Previous 50CC Group World Record - 9 (11*)

Motorcycle Tourer's Forum 05/18/2002 Jacksonville to San Diego
(Randy M. Kirgiss, Howard Burcham, John Oravec, Bo Griffin, Alan Leduc, , Dave Hinks, Greg Martin, Pirate John, and Chad Baird)

The IBA web site states, "On a CCC GOLD ride a rider may submit documentation for the CCC GOLD ride OR up to two 50CC rides, but not both." Kent Ailes and Tom Maiden were listed as completing both the 50CC and 100CCC and have been not been counted. However, one could argue based upon the IBA listing that the current record is 11.

Previous 100CCC Group World Record - 3

The Three Amigos May 2002 Jacksonville to San Diego to Jacksonville
(Andy Simons, Ben Askew, and Joseph Colquitt)

The group record was determined in the most conservative fashion as described below.

The group world record, requires that riders start and leave at the same points. Therefore for the 100CCC ride, the EWE group and WEW group were not combined to set the record. 

The IBA web site states: On a CCC GOLD ride a rider may submit documentation for the CCC GOLD ride OR up to two 50CC rides, but not both." Therefore only the group 50CC group record did not include riders who performed the 100CCC ride.

Trip Memento

Each person participating in the MTF 50CC/100CCC Iron Butt Association Ride received a memento of the ride. 


Alan Leduc, Host and Founder of the Motorcycle Tourer's Forum reserved the right to accept or reject a rider's request to participate in this ride.