2003 Great White North Tour

Ride Coordinator: Neil Dolson (Dylien)

Sunday, June 15th Thursday, June 19th, 2003

The GWN Tour 2003 was developed from conversations on the Motorcycle Tourers Forum. The ride started at Niagara Falls, Ontario, CANADA on Sunday June 15, 2003. It was a 5 day journey through Southern Ontario passing north of Lake Superior to Duluth, Minnesota, and ending in Mackinaw City, Michigan.

The ride made it's way through some of the most scenic areas Ontario has to offer as well as parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. The tour included a crossing of Lake Huron/Georgian Bay on the Ontario Northlands ferry M.S. CHI-CHEEMAUN.

The daily routes are listed below, however the riders were not necessarily riding together. This allowed for flexibility of riding styles and reasons for stopping. Evening stops were planned to allow for group socialising.

The riders who made this trip were:

I have included a daily link showing typical June weather. The Streets & Trips link is also included for each day. The Canadian links are in Celcius. (Temp conversion is (C*9/5)+32=F). Rainfall conversion is (mm*0.03937)=inches. Don't worry about snowfall. It won't snow.................... I hope.

Click on map for expanded view:

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GWN_Tour_Overview.jpg (110861 bytes)
2003 GWN Tour Area Overview

Start at Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada
Niagra Falls Weather Current and Seasonal Statistics
and lodging at Niagara Family Inn

Day_1.jpg (122183 bytes)
Day 1 Route Map

Day 1 = 288 miles from Niagara Falls to South Baymouth (Tobermory)
Day 1 S&T file
Tobermory Weather Current and Seasonal Statistics

Day_2.jpg (68491 bytes)
Day 2 Route Map

Day 2 = 355 miles from South Baymouth to Wawa via Chapleau
Day 2 S&T file
Wawa Weather Current and Seasonal Statistics

Day_2a.jpg (67372 bytes)
Day 2 Alternate Route Map

Day 2 Alternate = 356 miles from South Baymouth to Wawa via "The Soo"
Day 2 Alternate S&T file
Wawa Weather Current and Seasonal Statistics

Day_3.jpg (81918 bytes)
Day 3 Route Map

Day 3 = 287 miles from Wawa to Thunder Bay
Day 3 S&T file
Thunder Bay Weather Current and Seasonal Statistics

Day_4.jpg (114601 bytes)
Day 4 Route Map

Day 4 = 307 miles from Thunder Bay to Ironwood, Michigan
Day 4 S&T file
Ironwood Weather Current and Seasonal Statistics

Day_5.jpg (122016 bytes)
Day 5 Route Map

Day 5 = 311 miles from Ironwood, Michigan, to Mackinaw City, Michigan
Day 5 S&T file
Mackinaw City Current and Seasonal Statistics

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