Arkansas Ride &
Founder's Feast

Russellville, AR
September 21 - 24, 2016

Registration Now Open through September 20th

Join the MTF in Russellville, Arkansas for the Founder's Feast and some beautiful North Arkansas Mountain Riding.

Come join us for some Camaraderie and Riding in Arkansas!

The MTF Founder's Feast will be held on Saturday following all the riding during the week.

Event Manager: 
Wanda Grubbs

Event Coordinators: 
Mike Donley

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This area has some beautiful riding, half the fun will be just getting there. Join MTF members on daily Flower Sniffin' Rides during the day followed by dinner and tire kicking in the evening.

Event Coordinators

  • Mike Donley

    Event Manager

  • Wanda Grubbs - Email:Wanda Grubbs

  • Safety
    In addition to requiring the use of a DOT approved helmet on all MTF rides, the MTF Flower Sniffin' Committee strongly encourages the use of Motorcycle specific protective clothing and footwear while participating in any Flower Sniffin' event. ATGATT reduces the severity of injuries in an accident and we want every participant in our events to be as safe as possible. Also the MTF Flower Sniffin' Committee strongly encourages each participant in our events to self assess their riding style, interests, need for breaks and riding skill level and to keep that assessment in mind when choosing a riding partner or small group (2-4 riders) to ride with at our events. Sharing the road with someone of similar interests and riding style not only makes the ride more enjoyable for you, but safer for everyone.

    Event Schedule & Information

      September 21st
    • Riders Arrive

    • 6:00 PM - Dinner
          Cagleís Mill -host hotelís restaurant
          Known for prime rib, but usually only on weekends. If we get enough commitment to ordering prime rib on Wednesday, Mike will see about trying to get the restaurant to make it available for Dinner Wednesday.

      Tire Kicking 8:00 P.M.- until
    • Thursday
      September 22nd
    • Flower Sniffin'

    • 6:00pm- Dinner
          Pasta Grill
          319 W. Main Street
          Russellville, AR 72801

          This is a quality Italian restaurant with some interesting menu options in addition to expected ones. You may want to try the Roasted Garlic Chicken Cheesecake, and ask for marinara sauce to top it with. It makes a good appetizer or shared side dish.

    • Tellin' Lies 8:00 P.M.- until
    • Friday
      September 23rd
    • Flower Sniffin'

    • MTF LD Riders arrive from SS2K

    • 6:00pm- Dinner
        Location TBD
          Brownís Catfish 1804 E. Main Street
          Russellville, AR

          This old time icon is a buffet with several kinds of fish, beef, and side dish options, along with salad, dessert, and drinks included. $18.95/adult, $16.95 senior.

    • More Tellin' Lies 8:00 P.M.- until
    • Saturday
      September 24th
    • Riding during the day

    • 6:00pm - Founder's Feast

    • MTF Awards Banquet following Dinner

        Arkansas Technical University
        - Chambers Cafeteria Private West Dining Room
        204 W. O St
        Russellville, AR 72801

        -- NOTE: Use the entrance on the southwest side of the building.

        The Founder's Feast will be buffet, the menu will include:
        • Beef Medallions with Mushroom Demi-Glaze
        • Parmesan Chicken
        • Sides will include:
          • Green Beans Almandine
          • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
          • Tossed Garden Salad
          • Dinner Rolls
          • Coffee, Tea, Water
        • Dessert : Cheesecake

    • Sunday
      September 25th
    • Depart for parts unknown.... RIDE SAFE!

    Suggested Routes:

    Important Local Road Information

    Overall, the roads in Arkansas are in superb condition, smooth with virtually no pot holes.  Please note the following tips:
    • The warning signs for upcoming curves and speeds can be rare.

    • The roads in the north central part of the state, in the vicinity of Mountain View, can have decreasing-radius down-hill off-camber curves. Please enjoy a relaxed speed on these roads and get back to the hotel safely.

    • There is a very large regional bike rally, Bikes Blues & BBQ, in the northwest part of the state the same weekend we are in Russellville. Most of their suggested routes to their attendees are also in the NW part of the state. If you choose to ride there, expect crowds and a Sturgis-like environment.

    All the Suggested Routes are included in the Garmin "GPX" file below:

    If you are having problems downloading the above GPX file, the same file is contained in the below zip file. Once you save the ZIP file to your computer, you should be able to open it the same way you open any folder.

    • NOTE: To download the files, right click on the file name, and select "Save target As". For the files ending in ".gpx" your web browser may try to rename the file to ".xml". If this happens, rename the file to the ".gpx" name and in the "save as type:" box, select "All files (*.*)" the click on "Save"

      You must have MapSource or Garmin Basecamp to read this files

    Route Desriptions

    Routes Starting and Stopping in Russellville, AR.

  • Fun Road 123, Mikeís Favorite   -    142 miles 3h 15m
      This short ride captures all kinds of fun motorcycle roads. I suggest you ride it from the south to the north first, and then backwards if you choose. It starts with a lovely ride through the country full of gentle sweepers and beautiful terrain. After crossing Hwy 7, approaching Mt. Judea, it becomes the most technical road Iíve ridden, with amazing switchbacks falling down a cliff. Following that, a brief stop at the Mt. Judea General Store allows you to buy a snack and a tee shirt claiming you survived. The rest of the route through Vendor, AR is a valley with the most spectacular vistas, ending at the northern point of Hwy 7 again. From here you can ride Hwy 7 to the hotel, or reverse the Hwy 123 route you just enjoyed. This route is simply spectacular.
  • Hwy 16 Ride   -    264 miles, 5h 38m
      Hwy 16 is highly rated motorcycle road, and this route is the most direct way to access the good parts, using the interstate.
  • Jasonís Country Roads Tour    -    400 miles, 9h 15m
      This route is a gift from Jason Jonas. He states: ďThis route will take us along nice meandering country roads southeast and northeast of Russellville. There will be some good opportunities for taking some great pics of old barns, building and such. Just a nice leisurely stroll through the country.Ē This route can easily be seen as two routes connected in the middle near Russellville. If time doesnít allow the whole route, just a half can easily be done.
  • Jasonís Talimena Scenic Byway 410 miles, 9h 15m
      Another gift from Jason Jonas. Much of this route is low key compared to many others, but the Talimena Scenic Byway is the crown jewel of the trip. It is not to be missed if you are in the Mena area. Part of it is in Oklahoma, and it will make you completely reconsider your understanding of OK roads.
  • Mt Nebo and Magazine Mountain    -    226 miles, 5h 23m
      The two locations that name this route are both south of Russellville and I-40. You could do them and then back track to the hotel in a couple of hours. Or continue to I-40 and work back to the hotel that way. The rest of the route includes a bit of Hwy 23, aka The Pig Trail (editorial comment Ė It is vastly over-rated), and Hwy 16, which also is found in other routes.
  • Northeast Clover Leaf    -    301 miles 7h 39m
      This route heads up through Mountain View, AR (Folk Music Capital of the Universe), enjoying Push Mountain Road along the way. PMR is one of ARís best, and not to be missed if in the area. It also includes Hwy 9 going into Mt View, which is another of ARís best roads. While the roads are awesome, they are not the safest of designs, so please keep that in mind while selecting your speeds and focus.
  • Northwest Clover Leaf    -    304 miles 6h 59m
      This route covers some famous AR roads, and does so in a gentle manner. While it is not the most impressive of what AR has to offer, many do like these roads. Keep in mind the western part of this route, The Pig Trail, may be heavily loaded with bikers from the other event, Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, going on the same weekend.
  • Oark and Hwy 16    -    308 miles 7h 31m
      This route includes Oark, AR and the famous Oark General Store. Any riders familiar with the Trans America Trail, and dual sport dirt riding, are likely familiar with the OGS, as it sits on it. This place is to dirt riders what Moonshine is to touring riders. In addition, the route covers some of Hwy 16, which is one of Arkansasí best motorcycle roads.
  • Push Mountain    -    282 miles 6h 38m
      Push Mountain Road is arguably ARís best motorcycle road, and this route is a fairly direct way to enjoy it, without missing all the good stuff between it and Russellville. This is pretty much designed to get there, enjoy it, and get back.

    Routes NOT Starting and Stopping in Russellville, AR.

    The following are good routes for great motorcycle rides in AR, mostly for your own records and use. If you choose to enjoy them, youíll be on your own to find a way there and back. But, keep in mind many of these are incorporated into S&S Russellville routes above.

  • ArkHwy7
  • Branson_Eureka Springs
  • Hwy 9, Push Mtn, Harrison
  • Hwy 16, Push Mtn, Hwy 9
  • Mammoth Spr State Park

    RTE Points

    These are noteworthy RTE locations in AR that Iíve put together for your enjoyment. Most of these where taken from the worthwhile website, and put into a format that should be a little easier for us to use. Other points on here are from my personal list, and include old fashion soda fountains, ice cream stands, and the Flower Sniffing restaurants. There is a Word document that contains much info on these RTE locations, and links to Google Maps with info on them. In addition, some of the items in the BaseCamp files link to Yelp restaurant reviews.

    Click here to see the RTE location information

  • Host Hotel

    Clarion Inn & Suites

    2407 N Arkansas Ave,
    Russellville, AR, US, 72802
    (479) 968-4300
    Click here for the website

    The MTF has a block of rooms reserved starting Wednesday, Sept. 21

    Rates: Single King Bed Rooms or 2 Queen Bed Rooms for $74.99 plus 14% tax each.

    Check In: Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016 (3:00 PM)
    Check Out: Sunday, Sep 25, 2016 (11:00 AM)
    To get this rate make your reservations be sure to tell the motel you are with the MTF, or on line you can use the information below:

    • Group Name: MTF
    • Group Code: PN4PJ6
    The MTF block of room Cutoff Date for this rate is Wednesday, Sep 7, 2016

    The MTF reserves the right to limit participation for any reason.

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