Alleghenies Autumn Ride
& Founder's Feast

Grantsville, MD
September 22-26, 2015

Registration is open!

4 days of Flower Sniffin' in the Mountains of Western Maryland, the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia

Come join us for some Camaraderie and Riding in the Beautiful Alleghenies Mountains near Grantsville, Maryland!

The MTF Founder's Feast will be held on Saturday following all the riding.

Event Manager: 
Wanda Grubbs

Event Coordinators: 
Chris & Art Garvin

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  Suggested Routes
  MTF Refund Policy
  Ride Disclaimer & Waiver

This area has some beautiful riding, half the fun will be just getting there. Join MTF members on daily Flower Sniffin' Rides during the day followed by dinner and tire kicking in the evening.

Oh yes, there's also the MTF Civil War Saddle Sore 2000 starting September 22nd if you want to do a little Long Distance Riding and earn an Iron Butt Association Saddle Sore 2000 certificate.

Event Coordinators

  • Chris & Art Garvin

    Event Manager

  • Wanda Grubbs - Email:Wanda Grubbs

  • Safety
    In addition to requiring the use of a DOT approved helmet on all MTF rides, the MTF Flower Sniffin' Committee strongly encourages the use of Motorcycle specific protective clothing and footwear while participating in any Flower Sniffin' event. ATGATT reduces the severity of injuries in an accident and we want every participant in our events to be as safe as possible. Also the MTF Flower Sniffin' Committee strongly encourages each participant in our events to self assess their riding style, interests, need for breaks and riding skill level and to keep that assessment in mind when choosing a riding partner or small group (2-4 riders) to ride with at our events. Sharing the road with someone of similar interests and riding style not only makes the ride more enjoyable for you, but safer for everyone.

    Event Schedule & Information

    The MTF reserves the right to limit participation for any reason.

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