Border to Border Ride
Laredo, Texas to Emerson, Manitoba

August 31st - September 2nd, 2013

2013 MTF Border to Border ride - Labor Day weekend 2013

The MTF is hosting a long distance ride that will cover 3 countries and 7 states. Starting from the border town of Laredo, Texas, the rider will cross into Mexico via the #2 International Bridge, spend ~ 10 minutes getting through US customs, grab the toll receipt from said customs agent (official start time) and away you go! Blasting northward through the wilds of Texas, Indian country of Oklahoma then through the corn-filled plains of Kansas, you too, can experience what the drovers of the early 19th century experienced as they pushed cattle to market. Ride the plains of Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and into North Dakota with the smell of open farm land and well-plowed earth tickling your wanderlust. Finally, cross the border at Emerson, Manitoba, ride a scant 50 yards to the Duty-Free Store to get a receipt, then smile widely for the camera as you feel the sense of accomplishment and genuine satisfaction.

All the above can be experienced by riding the 1650 miles in either 24 hours or 36 hours. The weekend time frame is set (8/31-9/1) and details will be forthcoming in the near future.

As you begin to think about what this ride entails for you, allow your event manager to provide some color commentary; be prepared for rain, heat, cold and critters!

Event Manager: 
Kevin Lechner

  List of Participants
  Lodging Details
  Witness Forms & Logs
  Responsibility to Report
  Ride Philosophy
  MTF Refund Policy
  Ride Disclaimer & Waiver

Opens March 1st!!

As the sponsoring organization, the MTF requires prerequisites greater than those stipulated by the IBA.

The prerequisites for the Border to Border Ride are:

  • For the 24 hour ride a Certified IBA Bun Burner Gold (1500 miles in 24hrs) or a qualifying rally** is required
  • For the 36 hour ride, IBA membership* or a qualifying rally** is required


      *  The IBA National Parks Tour does not qualify as a prerequistite for this ride
      ** A Qualifying Rally is generly a multi-day rally. Contact the Event Manager to determine if a specific rally will be accepted as a prerequisite

During the registration process you will be required to consent to the MTF Event Agreement and Waiver. Review it thoroughly before registering for this ride.

The MTF will submit your ride to the IBA for certification.

Note: The MTF will only certifiy the Border to Border ride. No other certifications are being offered. If you want to make a donation to the MTF, you will be provided the opportunity to do that during the registration process. Payment information will be provided at the conclusion of the registration process.

The MTF reserves the right to limit participation for any reason.

Ride Schedule

Date Time Event/location
August 30
4:00 p.m. Central DST Starting banquet
August 31st
5:00a.m. Central DST Official Ride Starts
      Witness available at:

    Family Garden Inn and Suites
    5830 San Barnardo
    Laredo, Texas 78041

September 1st
5:00 a.m. Central DST
(24 Hours after Starting Receipt)
24 hr Border to Border Ride Ends: Emerson, Manitoba
    Check-In Location:
       Gastrac Truck Stop
        700 W Stutsman St
        Pembina, ND 58271
       (701) 825-6275.
September 1st
5:00 p.m. Central DST
(36 Hours after Starting Receipt)
36 hr Border to Border Ride Ends: Emerson, Manitoba
    Check-In Location:
       Gastrac Truck Stop
        700 W Stutsman St
        Pembina, ND 58271
       (701) 825-6275.

Ride Coordinator

Kevin Lechner (leck63)


Follow the riders on SpotWalla
as they ride Border to Border

Click Here

To join the Public SpotWalla page go to:

 Joining a location page

Requirements for a successful MTF/IBA Border to Border ride:

At the Start

  • As stated on the website, we will be releasing riders at 5:00AM. This will be done by releasing several riders at a time so we don't get crowded up at US customs. Several of you might want to ride in a group of 2-3, so we'll sort that out in Laredo. Remember, to cross the U.S. border a passport is required.

  • Each rider is required to cross the Mexico border (as described on the website). This takes the rider across the #2 bridge in Laredo, south for 8-9 blocks, then a u-turn back to the US border where you'll be required to pay a toll and be given a receipt. Make sure you get a receipt since this is your start time for the ride! Remember to check for the date and time stamp. If the time stamp is off from your watch don't fret, unless it's off by a lot. It's the time stamp on the receipt that counts.

    At the Finish

  • Each rider must have an ending receipt from the Canadian side of the border. For those riding a 24 hour ride, this will be the ATM at the Scotiabank in Emerson, MB. Emerson is ~3 miles north of the border and is located at 30 Main Street, Emerson, MB ((204) 373-2536). The ATM is located in the outer atrium and is available 24/7. For those who will make the border by 6:00 PM, Sunday, the duty-free store to the left of the border crossing can provide a receipt upon a purchase.

  • Once each rider has obtained a receipt from Canada, all riders will proceed to the check-in location in Pembina, ND. (Gastrac Truck Stop 700 W Stutsman St Pembina, ND 58271 (701) 825-6275. Remember, to cross the U.S. border a passport is required.

  • A MTF Witness will be available to be your end witness at the Gastrac Truck stop. The witness will collect all documentation, and complete all forms.

  • Each rider will present the witness with your start form, gas log, gas receipts, and other receipts that help document the ride, and end witness form.

    Don't forget:

  • Border Crossings: To cross the U.S. border a passport is required.

  • If you abondon your ride, you have a responsiblility to report to the MTF as describe below.



    Note: The below route is only a suggestion. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure the route they ride meets the IBA requirements.


    Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013

    Starting Location

    Laredo, TX

    Starting banquet will be an early bird dinner held at:


    A witness will be available in the morning at:

    Family Garden Inn and Suites
    5830 San Barnardo
    Laredo, Texas 78041
    MTF Witness/Host: TBD

    End Receipt Location

    Emerson, Manitoba

    Duty-Free Store
    Hwy I 29
    Emerson, Manitoba R0A 0L0 Canada
    Tel: (204) 373-2600

    Hours of Operation
    May to Sep - 6:00am - Midnight
    Oct to May - 6am to 11pm

    Check-In Location

    After riders obtain a receipt, you need to proceed to the below location to check in with the MTF Witness

    Gastrac Truck Stop
    700 W Stutsman St
    Pembina, ND 58271
    (701) 825-6275.

    Gastrac Truck Stop is located
    on the south side of Hwy 59,
    just off the interstate, exit 215, I-29

    MTF Witness: TBD

    Responsibility to Report

    The MTF and IBA are dedicated to SAFE long distance riding.
    If you are registered and are not going to make the check-in deadline at the starting location, you must contact We don't have to wonder why you didn't show.
    If at anytime during the ride you question whether or not you should continue, by all means you should terminate the ride.
    Listening to your body is an important part of long distance riding and you should not continue unless you are comfortable with your physical and mental state.

    If you terminate the ride or have an accident, you must notify the as soon as reasonably possible.

    A special phone number will be provided to all riders prior to the start of the ride to call in the event they terminate their ride.

    Failure to report at the begining, or at the end of the ride or in the event of termination may result in suspension from future MTF Events.

    Witness Form & Gas Log

    Attention Riders: You should download and print
    the Witness Forms and Gas Log and complete before arriving at the site.

    It is the riders responsibilty to plan their final route to ensure they obtain proper receipts at all the mandatory stops.

    Click here to download the Border to Border Witness Form & Gas Log

    * Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents.
    It is free. Just click the image below.

      Ride Philosophy

      The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum's role in these rides is simply logistics. Riders are responsible for their ride and are encouraged to ride as individuals. A quote from an LDRider will be used as the philosophy: "Everyone gets tired at different times, or gets hungry or even has to pee at different times. It's YOUR ride and it really isn't much fun when you are sitting on the side of the road waiting for your riding partner who is taking a quick nap."

      • Although the trip is being organized as a "group" ride, riders are encouraged to ride individually and join with other riders at the end to celebrate. 

      • Riders will be staged so as to leave in a staggered start. Riders may request to be staged with a riding partner(s). Small groups of 3 or 4 are acceptable, but riding in a pack is not considered safe and is not allowed during MTF Long Distant events.

      • If you elect to start in a small group, whether you continue to ride as a group once you are on the road is up to you. If you find that your habits are not compatible with the group, simply wave off. It is nothing personal. In addition to the problems mentioned above, the group may have different attitudes about driving speeds. If you are tough enough to do a TC, you should be tough enough not to yield to the pressure of the group to conform.   

      Starting Location Host Hotel - Laredo, Texas


    • Free social gathering in courtyard every evening for guests, includes burgers, dogs, lemondade & beer.
    • 24 hour security, kiosk at parking entrance
    • 24 hour “convenience store” in their lobby
    • 24 hour laundry
    • Free breakfast: (M-F 6am) (Sat-Sun 8am)
    • Family Garden Inn & Suites
      5830 San Barnardo
      Laredo, Texas 78041

      We have reserved a block of 15-rooms under the name Border to Border Ride.
      Each rider needs to contact Mr. Joseph Barrow at the hotel and reserve a room in their name..
      The block of rooms will be release July 31st and will be open to the public.


    • $61 + taxes, single Queen, Courtyard
    • $65 + taxes, 2 Queens, Courtyard
    • $75 + taxes, 2 Queens with patio -
      allowing close motorcycle parking

    • Ending Location Hotels

      Note: These hotels are only recommendations.
      There will not be an "official" host hotel due to availability and proximity to the end location.

      Red Roost Motel
      203 W. Stutsman St.
      Pembina, ND

      The Red Roost Motel is a quaint 1950's motel that is small but clean.
      Motel has only 8 units and reservations are recommended.
      Phone 701-825-6254

      Super 8 Motel
      203 E. Broadway
      Hallock, MN

      The Super 8 Motel is only 22 miles from Pembina
      Be aware the motel has only 28 units. Reservations are recommended.
      For toll-free reservations call 1-800-800-8000.

      The MTF would like to thank the City of Pembina for their willingness in making the 2013 MTF Border to Border ride a success! After you complete the ride, you may want to take some quality time and enjoy the beautiful City of Pembina.

      You can find out more about the City of Pembina on their website:

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