An MTF Tribute to our friend
Jeff Miller (Reartire)

Jeffery Lyle Miller

WAXACHACIE, TEXAS Jeffery Lyle Miller, 44, died Sunday, Sept. 7, 2003.

Mr. Miller was a lifelong resident of Sulphur. He graduated from Sulphur High School in 1977. After high school, he served his country for four years in the Navy. He was employed as a Senior Maintenance Field Engineer for ABB Alstom.

BJ Ondo provides us with some insight into how Jeff impacted his life.

I'm sure there are other's who knew Jeff Miller, (Reartire), better than I but we kinda hit it off on some messages on the MTF forum and when Jo and I scheduled the Bishop's Castle MTF Lunch, August of 2003, we told all the folks if they needed a place to stay, our home was open.

Jeff called me up and asked if he could stay with us the night before the run and he arrived early afternoon. Jeff Miller was a man that you could tell "loved life", his wife and his motorcycle! After getting him settled in our spare room, we had a good BS session and we talked about riding bikes, his work and we all thought it was way cool that both he and his wife and Jo and I were high school sweethearts! He told us of how he wandered around till one day he and his wife got back together, with a gleam in his eye you could just feel the love as he talked.

Jeff, was a Iron Butt rider and him and his "Big Valk" had lot's of future plans of LD rides. We got up the next morning and headed out to Bishop's Castle, poor Jeff, as the Valk was warming up, it just dropped off the side stand! We looked at it and laughed and picked up the bike, nothing seem to faze him. It was a great day of riding with the excellent folks of the MTF, Jeff really enjoyed exploring the heights of Bishops Castle, he was the only one "brave" enough to go to the top of the round tower, even it it swayed 100+ feet in the air!

At the lunch stop, Jeff made the rounds of the MTF folk, we all ate, we laughed and too soon it was over. Jeff headed back to Texas, letting us know if we were ever down his way, there'd be a bunk waiting for us! :) He bought a Concours and we talked about getting to ride together next summer, I was looking forward to it.

The news of his passing, was a jolt beyond words. How can someone so full of life go so quickly, the only thing that made it somehow better was that he was out riding his "Big Valk", when it happen and I'm sure up to the very moment of the accident he had a great big grin! Jeff, my friend, May you have "tailwinds and sunshine" while riding the backroads of forever!

As you can tell from BJ's report and you will be able to tell further as you read the additional comments from Jeff's MTF Friends. He had a profound affect on our life's during the short time that we knew him. Jeff only had 61 visits to the MTF, but he made the most out of those visits and we made a new friend.

A few select comments from Jeff's MTF Fiends:

Some photos from the MTF Colorado Lunch