An MTF Tribute to our friend
Jim Cottingham (petty24)

Jim Cottingham
4/16/1942 -- 5/21/2008

Jim passed away Wednesday May 21, 2008. He was in the hospital for broken ribs he sustained in Mena, AR on Saturday. He fixed his bike in Mena and rode it 200 mi. before the pain was too much to bear. He stopped in Sherman, TX and got a motel room. He was only there a few hours before he called the ambulance to take him to the hospital. Only then, did he call his son Ryan to come get him.

Jim stayed home one day before going back in the hospital close to home. Everyone thought he was doing fine, but Wednesday morning he coded and his heart just wasn't strong enough to take it.

MUNDAY, Texas — James Fred “Jim” Cottingham, 66, died Wednesday, May 21, 2008, in the Knox County Hospital in Knox City, Texas.

Graveside services will be at 3 p.m. Friday, May 23, 2008, in Johnson Memorial Cemetery with Chad King officiating. Burial will be under the direction of McCauley-Smith Funeral Home in Munday, Texas.

Mr. Cottingham was born April 16, 1942, in Hobart, Oklahoma. He served in the National Guard for 6 years. He worked for American Dusting Company. He moved to Munday, Texas, in 1972 and bought Petty Flying Service. He owned and operated Petty Flying Service until his retirement in 2000. After retirement he enjoyed riding his motorcycle all across the United States.

He was a member of Texas Agricultural Aviation Association for over 30 years. He served on the TAAA board for several years. He also served on the Munday School Board. He was a member of the Munday First Baptist Church.

Survivors: Three Sons: Brandon and wife Leslie of Bay City, Texas; Ryan and wife Tara of Munday, Texas, and Cody and wife Chelsea of Abilene, Texas; Six grandchildren; Harley of Wichita Falls, Texas; Allison of Bay City, Texas; Emily, Dustin and Eryn, all of Munday, Texas, and Emma Grace of Abilene, Texas; Two Brothers: Larry and wife Carolyn of Kansas City, Kansas, and Keith and wife Nikki of Moore, Oklahoma.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Earlene Mock Miller and stepfather, Glenn Miller.

Published By Times Record News Staff on Friday, May 23, 2008.

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  • whatever the circumstance, it's never good when someone like jim passes on to whatever's next. the world seems a bit less. although we never spent a significant amount of time together, i considered jim a good friend. it was always good to see him on the road. jim was a quietly methodical and well-intentioned soul and that's how he rode too. never blazingly fast or overly aggressive, but quietly methodical. godspeed jim, my friend.. - Jason Jonas (nankoweap)

  • Jim was a good friend and we shared many roads together. My heartfelt condolences to you and all of Jim's loved ones and friends. We'll miss him very much. - John Wynes (xgman2)

  • Your dad just rode with me from Ezell's in Alabama a few weeks ago. He had never ridden in Mississippi and wanted to see some of the farm country off of the interstates. We had visited a lot the last 4-5 years at MTF functions. We had a common bond with us both having been in the spraying business. We were talking airplanes on the last visit. My prayers go out to you and your families. Please let us know of the arrangements - Fletcher Clark(fltclark)

  • Jim was a special friend around here. Our paths crossed many times and I always looked forward to the next time. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to you and the rest of the family. Godspeed, Jim. you will be missed! - Kevin Lechner (leck63)

  • have had some great conversations with your dad and broken bread with him several times. He was such a pleasure to be around and I was looking for ward to the next time I would see him. - Mike Newton (grizz117)

  • I knew Jim. I have riden and visited with him in places around the country as we both attended MTF events. I enjoyed being around him. I first met him in Bryson City, NC. He had come to participate in an event that I coordinated, and was talking about ridding his street bike (can't remember if it was the Valk or an FJR) down 4 miles of winding gravel mountain road, to visit the Stewart Cabin National Historic Site - a spot I had put in the run for dirt bikes. I thought he was tough then, and I never saw anything after that to change my mind. Then there was the time several of us rode from Bunea Vista, CO to Gunnison over Cottonwood Pass. I remember that he was on the Valk then, but he eased that bike down a wet mountain road without complaining. I'll miss seeing him on the road. - Andy Simons (andy112652)

  • I was with your dad at the lodge. I had no idea that he was hurt badly. We even joked that he was going to have to get a lighter bike or get in better shape. I have broken bread with Jim several times in the past and always enjoyed his company. He was a fine man and I for one am richer for having shared the road with him. After the crash, the only thing that was concerning him was that he would have to put up with a lot of ribbing (for bending his bike). Jim, I'll miss you. - Greg Blewett (fireman818)

  • I really don't remember the first time I met Jim. It seems that I have always known him. I think maybe the first time I met Jim was at Andy's first Summer Mountain Ride. We came to an intersection that was a tight turn and Jim had dropped his bike in the middle of the intersection. I think it was the big ole valk and he was not able to pick it up. Those circumstances are always embarassing but Jim took it in stride. Jim attended almost all of the MTF events and I always looked forward to seeing him. He was a quiet gentle man always with a positive attiude. I remember when he first got the FJR. I was in shock. I ask him if he was trying to recover his youth. We have many members, I used to be able to remember them all. Now adays, I'm sad to say, I am at name overload and may remember a name or a face or sometimes simply don't remember at all. Jim was one of those who I always remembered as became friends from our frequent meetings across the country. He was planning on going to Mexico with us last December but forgot his registration. I'm sadden now that he didn't make that trip as it would have given us an even better opportunity to get to know each other. - Alan Leduc (1343)

  • I've made quite a few trips with Jim. My most recent was out to Turkey, TX. He was a real joy to ride with and especially to Turkey. He shared much of the history and many of the stories of characters in that area including Charles Goodnight. In fact, that was the second trip we had made together to that same area. He enjoyed riding and he enjoyed the visit at the end of the ride. I was tickled to get to ride with him. I remember one time I went to Omaha and was coming back and stopped in Kansas to have breakfast. As I pulled into town, there was ole Jim backed up in front of the cafe. Wow, what a surprise. We rode back to Texas together and even stopped in Stillwater at his old stomping grounds. I will miss him greatly. - Bo Griffin (Griffin414)

  • He was a good friend and I always enjoyed his company. I had the pleasure of his company at several MTF events. Last time I saw him was last June at the Summer Mountain Ride near Asheville. He had a punctured rear tire late Friday afternoon and it took us a while to get it to hold air. He was determined to keep going and complete the ride. He and I talked recently about getting together in Muenster next time I was visiting my mom. I was looking forward to seeing him again. He will be in my thoughts instead. I certainly appreciate the time I got to spend with your dad. - Bob Fisher (Bobmeinet)

  • Jim was a great man that touched many of us that rode with him and many more that never got the privilege. I loved his quick and sharp wit and he always had a great story to share. - Don Braziel (DBraziel1)

  • I was blessed to have met Jim at a Memphis TN ride-to-eat. We spoke a bit about his Valk. A fine conversation we had but it was short as it was time to eat. - Russ Dickerson(RDICKERSON2)









    Rest In Peace Jim