An MTF Tribute to our friend
                    Davo Jones (AusieDav)

David "Davo" Jones
Queensland, Australia
1956 ~ 9/4/2009

David "Davo" Jones died after he hit a deer on the last day of the 2009 Iron Butt Rally which traversed an 11,000 miles route in 11 days. Davo had just crossed back into the United States from Canada and was heading south on US 95 in Idaho towards a final bonus stop when the accident occurred. Seriously hurt, he was airlifted on a medflight helicopter to the hospital in Coeur d'Alene, ID but did not survive.

Davo is survived by his wife Wilhelmina, daughters Christie, 26, Desley, 21 and Morgan, 14, and 12-year-old son Mitchell. Desley is the mother of his first grand child.

A couple of quotes from Davo:

"Life & happiness's just another road "

"I just love to ride, a very long way at times."

> This posted on Davo's personal website and tells a little bit about him & his outlook on life...

My name is David "Davo" Jones and I came into this world in 1956, raised just south of Wollongong. I am who I am because the road is not always what we expect. As the road turns be prepared. Traveling down that road is what we were put here for, what turns we make along the road are up to us as individuals. Opportunities are always there, some are just either too blind to see or too scared to open that door. Grab that handle and rip it open, you will be the better for it. The more you fall the better you get at staying errect.

You are writing your own life story right now, is it what you imagined as a child, have you done what you wanted. Will you be happy one day when you read back on your life. Was it a good life. This is not a rehearsal, you have only one chance.

My final word is, it's your dream, don't let anyone take it from you but most of all don't lose sight of it yourself.

Davo became an MTF Gold Member in September 2007

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A few select comments from Davo's MTF Friends:

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  • Davo was the founder of The Australian Long Distance Riding Group the FarRiders. There are many notes left on their forum as well, which can be found here:

    • I can't help getting one particular quote in my mind when I think of Davo, his participation in the MTF, the long distance riding community, and what we know of his life. I think it would be uncommonly appropriate for our memories of him. The phrase evokes constant striving, even while acknowledging the possibility (or likelihood) of falling short - but accepting the challenge none the less. From all I know of Davo, he did this with enthusiasm and joy, and shared that with all those around him.     - Tony Higgins (ITSecurity)

        It's from Browning... "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a Heaven for?"

    • I'm devastated---After a 5 year forum friendship, I finally got to meet Davo and spend literally hours with him in Spartanburg, he was everything that I expected and had admired. I'm so sorry for Wil and the family---what a loss. I feel that I've lost a brother. Ride on--Davo !!!!!!!!!!     - Tim Yow (Rydnfool)

    • Tim, I am so at a loss for words... I never met Davo, yet it seems like we knew each other from years on the forum... I still keep hoping someone will pinch me and I will wake up. Alas, that is not going to happen. Davo touched so many....     - Pat McGhie (RockyNH)

    • Had the privilege of meeting Davo in Spartenburg. You would have thought that we were long lost friends. What a gentleman. This loss is very sad. But as someone else has said, there is a reason even though we can not see that at this time. Our prayers go out to the family, that they may have comfort as only God can give.     - Dan Ross (Papa44)

    • Davo Jones - Rest in Peace. He was a great guy. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends as they suffer from their loss     - Andy Simons (andy112652 )

    • after following Davo's adventures on the forum for so long, the opportunity to meet and spend time with him in Spartanburg is one I will cherish. We will all miss our friend from Oz     - John Wynes (xgman2)

    • When Don Norwood and I went to Australia in 08 we had the opportunity to spend time with Davo. He made arrangements from a busy schedule to visit and ride one day with us. He also had us meetand have dinner with some of his LD proteges. He also shared his secret that he had been told that he would be in the "big ride" for 09. You could see and feel his excitement. He was a very gracious host. I don't think that I've ever seen anyone as "eaten-up"(as we say here) with LD riding! So very enhusiastic! The father of FarRiders and the inspiration for the LD community in Australia and NZ. He will be so missed here and there........     - Fletcher Clark (fltclark)

    • What I will always remember about Davo was his upbeat and positive attitude. It made me smile everytime I heard him talk or read one of his posts. I feel honored to have met him in person before the start of this years IBR and am truly and deeply saddened by his loss. Our heart go out to Davo's family and friends around the world. Godspeed Davo     - Mike Newton (grizz117)

    • I am and have been sad since the first report. No matter the cause of the reason, I think the way Davo left this physical temporary realm is a way I would choose if I had a voice in it. Not many go doing something they love to do. We all wish his life had been longer, but I doubt many lives no matter how long were much richer than Davo's life     -Jon David Powers (jdpfms)

    • dave stayed at my place after completing his 50cc in charleston. we had a fantastic visit and i am a better person for having met him. he is quite the character!     - (tjhess74)

    • His loss will be felt in the same way as that of those others who are no longer sharing the roads of this world with us. He has enriched us by sharing his joy in our common enthusiasm, and has made us better by helping us see further and more broadly. Thank you, Davo...     - Tony Higgins (ITSecurity)

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