An MTF Tribute to our friend
                                           Coni Fitch

Coni Fitch passed into God's merciful arms September 22, 2007 after bravely battling the cancer which kept her from riding for many months. All who knew her will certainly remember her enormous heart which warmly held all of us at one time or another. She was a 'best friend' even to those whom she'd just met. We will miss her enthusiasm and love of life in all its forms. We are thankful for the gift of her friendship for the short time she walked with us.

-- Adapted from Don Arthur's announce of Coni's passing --

Official Obituary

Coni R.S. Fitch

Born in Spokane, WA on Jul. 11, 1949
Departed on Sep. 22, 2007 and resided in Bellevue, WA

After nearly a year long battle with cancer, Coni R.S. Fitch passed away in her sleep on Saturday the 22nd of September, 2007 at her home in Bellevue, Washington. Coni leaves behind her husband of 31 years Graham, daughter Cirstan, mother Gladys, sister Cheri, brother Denzil, several nieces and nephews and step children, Karen, Mike, Tom, and Dana. Coni is a past memeber of the Seattle Yaht Club, the Bellevue Athletic Club, Swedish Hospital Summit Club, Sun Valley Ski Club, and the Seattle Tennis Club. Coni retired from United Airlines in 2005 after 36 years of service. She was a world famous long distance motorcycle rider with trophies for numerous long distance endurance rides. She was one of the few motorcyclist that completed the "North America" ride going through every one of the lower 48 states, touching Mexico and crossing British Columbia, Canada finishing in Hyder Alaska. She completed the 11, 000 mile ride in less than the required ten days. Coni did the "Three Flags" endurance ride of 1, 700 miles from Canada to Mexico in twenty-three hours and forty five minutes. She was the first woman to to a CCC Solo ride by starting in San Diego, California, then riding to Jacksonville, Florida and with out stopping, turning around and riding back to San Diego for a Coast to Coast 7, 000 mile ride in less that 100 hours. Coni will be leaving many friends in Sun Valley, Idaho. She skied there for 35 years and had a second home there that she shared with Graham and Cirstan. Coni's display case was full of trophies with the most treasured being the gold medals she won in various ski races. Her funeral arrangements are being made by Bonney Watson and at her request are private. A memorial reception for all those wishing to celebrate her life will be held at the Seattle Tennis Club, located at 922 McGilvra Blvd. East in Seattle, WA. on Oct. 4th at 4:00 PM. Coni has requested that any gifts or remembrances in her honor be sent to Swedish Hospital Medical Center at 747 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98114, for the wonderful support the Swedish Doctors and Nurses gave her throughout the last year of her life. We will miss her dearly and we will forever cherish our memories of Coni and the fun she brought into our lives.

As published by Bonneu/Watson Funeral Services

A few select comments from Coni's MTF Friends:

  • the times Coni was part of my reality were all good and make me smile.

    I remember sitting at the gas station somewhere near beaumont with y'all waiting for the rain to let up a bit. that's one of the fondest memories of coni. i can't help but still wish for a miracle to happen while knowing deep down her earthly end is near. i'm certain what awaits her is more magnificent than we can imagine. she deserves that. godspeed, coni. prayers for peace, understanding and acceptance to everyone she's leaving behind.
        - Jason Jonas (Reasoned1 (nankoweap) )

  • Coni Fitch was an infrequent member of this forum, but certainly one of the outstanding female riders. She participated with myself and David Shealey in the "Rained out" 2003 MTF 100CCC and then came back months later on her own and did the ride. In the 2005 Iron Butt Rally she was DNF'd by a blown transmission. This was after she had flown to Missouri from the Denver starting point to attend to Don Arthur and his bike after his horrific accident. They were planning on riding the IBR together. Truly a great lady and an exemplary representative of our sport.

    What will our fellow riders say about each of us when it is our turn to prepare for our final ride to St Peter?

    'live every moment of every day and realize that road time is finite. Relish every ride and every day AND every person that we meet as a gift."
        - Jeff (MitchRider98 )

  • Reading the many posts in this forum and other forums, I must agree with all the descriptions of Coni. I notice that most refer to their first meeting. The first time I met Coni was in Gatlinburg at CCR (an LT funtion) that “first impression” became an “unforgettable impression” for my wife and me. Coni introduced herself to us and welcomed us to CCR. A nice short visit that I will never forget. Within the next three years I had the honor to serve with Coni on the BOD of CCR and enjoyed our visits. Coni, from State of Washington, has the beauty and charm of a "Southern Belle".
        - Don Norwood

  • I met Coni twice, I think - although briefly both times. The fire within her shone brightly nonetheless, and I was grieved to hear earlier of her coming struggle.
        - Tony Higgins (ITSecurity)

  • Though there are many on this and other forums blessed to know Coni Fitch first person, we all gain from that which proceeded her... It was at a resort in Breckinridge, CO that we had the luxury of talking about that which we should be driven... The progression and finale of one evening's topics is of particular importance now. Coni had shared highlights of various trips with David, Jeff, and Don A., and I had conveyed the wonderful experiences riding with Fletcher, Don N., Joe, David, Paul M., Paul & Voni, and others. Like most long conversations with the ebb and flow of enthusiasm, one common denominator sifted from all espoused accounts. No, not the free spirited long distance miles on two wheels, not the commonality of rally attendees and their chosen "two-wheeled steeds", and not the intriguing locations experienced in our travels, but it was something we revisited in various conversations in recent months. What Coni succinctly conveyed as the sustaining spirit of riding in that Colorado resort room that fall evening, were the friendships from which she was propelled to ride. You see..., that which "went before Coni" was the conviction to her family (a loving husband and daughter), and the strength of spirit from which she fed in serving us, her extended family. David Shealey and Don Arthur are but two walking testimonies to Coni's friendship and conviction thereof. Both have enjoyed the assistance of their friend, Coni following harrowing motorcycle accidents. I too have bathed in Coni's friendship following a heart attack and her constant monitoring when all the while she was enduring a debilitating disease. In short, Coni rode as she lived..., to serve others and be a friend to all.

    By deduction, you can now readily see that Coni's spirit has always gone before her and will linger after as well. Let there be no doubt that her spirit has proceeded her to her rest when her "race is done". We are all richer for having been touched by Coni's spirit!
        -Gary & Pam Rollins (ACzn2Srv)

  • sitting next to Coni and getting "Hyderized" together was like the LD baptism at the end of a long journey. Soon I will have an Angel that will ride with me in my heart and soul on those long, long cold nights on the open road. And one thing is for certain, This Angel will be able to keep up !

    Coni, We love ya Girl !
        - Mikey Ledbetter (MIKEYS99)

  • She has an infectious laugh and mischevious smile...I can only pray things go smoothly for her.
        - Gregg Burger (Ultrafirebik)

  • It seems that everyone who ever had the privilege of meeting Coni felt like they had made a friend. My first meeting came years ago when I was doing the Four Corners. Joe Zulaski had set up a lunch at Cafe Veloce in Seattle for the riders who were heading to Hyderseek. I did not know a sole, but decided to attend anyway. When I walked in and sat at a table alone, Coni recognized I didn't know anybody and joined me. I had no idea who she was or what she had accomplished on a bike. She immediately got me talking about my ride and listened to every word I said. I am sure I was somewhat full of myself; after all I had made it all the way to Seattle! She listened to my story, gave me her e-mail address and made me promise to let her know when I completed my ride and made it home safely. It was much later that I found out she had just completed a coast to coast to coast. She never once mentioned her ride. All she did was listen to my babble and encourage me to finish safely.

    Over the years, I bumped into Coni in many places. We were in the same 48+ class. The highlight of every meeting was the hug that Coni shared with so many people. I will never forget her kindness and the value of her friendship. I will miss her. I take solace knowing that now I have a real guardian angel and when I am riding through those lonely nights, she will be my company.

    Godspeed and RIP my friend,
        - Tom Sayer (TSayer1)

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