An MTF Tribute to our friend         
Don Braziel       

Don Braziel
October 29, 1949 - July 11, 2015

Don became an MTF Gold Member in Sepember 2002

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Official Obituary

Donnie Ray Braziel

Donnie Ray Braziel, 65, passed away on July 11, 2015 in Kingston, Oklahoma. Graveside services will be held on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 10 am at Emerald Hills Memorial Park. Visitation with the family will be held on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 from 6-8 pm at Emerald Hills Funeral Home in Kennedale.

Donnie taught surgical technology and loved his students and wanted all of them to succeed in their studies and life. He was focused on his faith, family, career, and would ride his motorcycle whenever he could. He would ride his motorcycle often many miles away just to stop and eat lunch. Donnie also enjoyed old cars, his chickens, and the menís ski retreats with the Gorilla Skiers in Colorado. Donnie was a man of faith and even thru all his trials and tribulations, his faith never strayed. He enjoyed life and absolutely loved his grandchildren without a doubt. He will be deeply missed by his loving family and friends.

Donnie was preceded in death by his first wife, Barbara Jean Braziel; mother in-law, Carolyn Libby; and father in-law, Glenn Neeper. Survivors include his parents, R.A. and Lorene Braziel of Kingston, Oklahoma; wife, Kathy Braziel of Burleson; children, Courtney Sims and her husband, Shayne, of Wisconsin, Becky Whitworth and her husband, Jason, of Burleson, Amanda Candler of Burleson, Brandon Porter and his wife, Amber, of Burleson, Matthew Porter of Ft. Worth, and Andrew Porter of Bedford; grandchildren, Taylor, Hannah, Alyssa, Kaitlyn, Isaiah, Selene, Addi, and Rayne; brother, Roger Braziel and his wife, Kathy; niece and nephew, Jamie and Jerry Don Braziel; father in-laws, Greg Libby and Grady Kilgore; mother in-law, Roberta Neeper; and other numerous family and friends.

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  • Passing of Don Braziel

  • Alan Leduc, Founder of the MTF posted this on Facebook following Don's service:

    I'm not very good at going to visitings or funerals. However, my friend Don Braziel was so special there was no question that I needed to attend. As I have posted before Don was a very special friend. We met through motorcycling but our friendship was much deeper than that.

    At the visiting the number of people attending was enourmous. You see Don was a friend to about everybody he ever met. You couldn't help but like him. Don taught in a surgical technician program, and mentored so many young people. Don was a man of faith. Not just a religious man, but one as you could tell from his family, a man that lived a life dedicated to his belief. As his daughter said, "I'm honored to have been the daughter of Don Braziel."

    At the graveside service, friends were allowed to speak. Each with tears in their eyes and a cracking voice, recalling their special relationship and the impact Don had on their lives.

    Don lost a wife, Barb, at a young age. This combined with heart issues gave Don a clear understanding of the fragility of life on earth. He always seemed to work through the bumps and bruises with a smile.

    During the many days and nights I spent rooming with Don on our motorcycle trips, he always told me how he felt so blessed to find love a second time in his wife Kathy. It is hard to image, how Don's passing will effect her.

    At the graveside service I saw a gentleman in jeans and a cowboy hat with a goatee. He shook every persons hand, and there were a lot of people. The most I have every seen at a graveside service. I thought I recognized him and then I heard him say he was Don's brother Roger. I met Roger (Deputy Dawg) when Don and I were riding in Colorado. Like Don, a very special person. As Roger pointed out during the graveside service. Don's friends who were represented at the graveside service reflected every aspect of his life. He was loved by the Doctors and nurses he worked with, his students, his motorcycling friends, his ski friends, and most of all his family - his brother, children, grand children, and two wifes, one who had passed before him and one living.

    I'm not sure anything more could be said about a person. It was an honor for me to call Donnie, my friend. I will miss him more than I even know right now.

    If Donnie was your friend, please post one of your most special memories and share this recounting of my final earthly experience with Don with others that might have known him.

    Love ya, man!