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Top Rough Road Riding Event Participants

The inspiration for the Tin Cup name comes from a Colorado ghost town named (surprise) Tin Cup.
Here is a recent picture of Tin Cup:

Tincup lies three miles due west of the continental divide in a high mountain valley called Taylor Park.
Legend has it that prospector Jim Taylor discovered a rich deposit.

In October 1859, prospector Jim Taylor panned some gold from Willow Creek, and carried it back to camp in a tin cup; he named the valley “Tin Cup Gulch.”. For years the area was the site of seasonal placer mining, but no year-round communities were established, partly because of the danger of Indian attack. In 1878, lode deposits were discovered in the area, and the town of Virginia City was laid out in March 1879. By the 1880 census, the town had a population of 1,495. Virginia City was incorporated in August 1880, but confusion with Virginia City, Nevada, and Virginia City, Montana, caused the residents to change the name. The town was reincorporated in July 1882 as Tin Cup.

Tin cup has become a mecca for outdoor recreation. The 2006 WMR Rough Road Riders passed through Tin cup several times as they rode over various mountain passes in the area. Tin Cup has a good resturant (Frenchy's) and a general store, complete with actual tin cups for sale.

More information about Tin Cup can be found here; http://www.pitkincolorado.com/tincup/index.htm

MTF Tin Cup
Top Rough Road Riding Event Participants

Andy Simons
Don Kime
Tim Yow
Art Garvin
Dan Huber
Don Bell
Jason Arnold

John Saurer

Randy Freyer

Dan Blankenbaker

Jeff Holaday

Brian Hiley

Fletcher Clark

Kevin Smith

Susan Simons

Tom Elrick

Jimmy Stevens

Ken Webb


One point is earned by every rider and passenger for each day of participation in official Rough Road Ride events.
A "Tin Cup" has earned at least 16 participation points

Top contenders for the Tin Cup award are:
last updated: November 15, 2015

   Name       Points 
Gene Powell 15
Marty Holmes 13
Ron Gerken 13
Alan Leduc 11
David Harrison 10
Gary Cook 10
Patrick Simmons 10
Jim Gordon 9
Michael Barrett 9
Richard Gillstrom 9
Tim Cook 9

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