MTF Security Squad


Mess With This Stuff

And You'll

Answer to Me!

That's my father. He's an honorary member of the MTFSS and this device is offered in his memory.

He was just a big ol'teddy bear that liked to try and look as mean as possible for the camera.

It worked on me when I was a kid. :)

Take Care, Pop.


If you think you are big enough and can find your way to the front of the buffet line, you may plea your case to join the MTFSS by posting to the Grand Poohbah in thread 8990.1


Grand Poobah













Little Poohbah

Cyngen (Kurt_WI)


Jules (GirlOnAGlide)


Gregg (Ultrafirebik)


Mikey (MIKEYS99)


Bob (Baddbob)


Brad (beermeplease)


Dan (MapMaker)

Alex (Slonishku)

Todd Graham (TXWingRydr (TXStarRydr))

Don W. (Duesy)

John Hargis (bigtexrider)

You'll notice John has his wrist strap taped to his name tag...that because it wouldn't fit around his wrist.


Patrick Jacobson (FlamingoJake)
Protected by the Pink Flamingo


Bruce McCrary

Security Squad's K-9 complement



Big Don's K-9 Partner


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