MTF Organizational Chart
& Volunteers

Motorcycle Tourer's Forum
Board Of Directors

Mike "Hammer Down" Brown (Mike3941)

 Andy® Simmons (andy112652)
Vice President

Mike Borolla

Mike Brown
Director of
Member Services
 Dave Greenberg 
Director of
Flower Sniffin'
 Andy Simmons 
Director of
Rough Road Riding
David Gillespie
Director of
Long Distance Riding
Mike Newton
Director of
Forum Management
Don Norwood
Director of

Click here for a list of Past Members of the Board of Directors

Motorcycle Tourer's Forum
Areas of Responsibilty and Volunteers

Mike Borolla (Altonabout)

    Recording Secretary

  • Mike Borolla

Mike Brown (Mike3941)
Director - Member Services
    MTF Tourer's Assistant Program
  • Don Kime (SAFTNUT(dkime2)) - Senior Validator
  • Dorsey Price (ddprice1) - Validator
  • Lou Canick (RHINOSTAR) - Validator
  • Jason Jonas (nankoweap) - Developer & Server Host

  • Bill Campbell (redgoldwing) - TA Photo Manager
    Emergency Tag Program
  • Jorie Steagall (Rose)


   Web Services
  • Bob Fisher (Bobmeinet) - Webmaster
  • Bill Campbell (redgoldwing) Web Editor
  • Pat McGhie (RockyNH) Web Editor
  • Dave Greenberg (Jersey Dave) Web Editor

   Photo Contest
  • Bill Campbell (redgoldwing)

   Gold Dealers  

  • Mike Brown

    Wallpaper Calendars  
  • McGhie (RockyNH)

David Gillespie (DragonFlyUC)
Director - Long Distance Riding
  • Dorsey Price (ddprice1)
  • Neil Hejny
  • Lowell Vahl

   IBA Liaison
  • Greg and Pat Blewett (greginky (fireman818))
  • Jeremy Loveall

Andy Simmons (Andy112652)
Director - Rough Road Riding
   Rough Road Riding Events Committee
  • Randy Freyer
  • Ken Webb
  • Pat Simmons

Dave Greenberg (Jersey Dave)
Director - Flower Sniffin'
   Associate Director - Flower Sniffin'
  • Darryl Halbert (ChiGuy64)

   Flower Sniffin' Events Committee
  • Art Garvin (Goldwingn)
  • Chris Garvin
  • Rick Gillstrom (Hornblower)
  • Suzanne Gillstrom
  • Jessie Hornstein
  • Mike Donley (boatpuller)
  • Nathan Neely (GrindstoneMO)

Mike "Grizz" Newton (grizz117)
Forum Manager/Wizard
    Associate Forum Manager/Wizard
  • John McCain (maps8)
    Assistant Manager
  • Neil Dolson (Dylien)
    Forum Editors
  • Pat McGhie (ROCKYNH)
  • Todd Ryan (DrTRyan)
  • Tim Yow (Rydnfool)
  • Valerie Gillespie (jazzybiker)
  • Barb Smith (agmom98)
  • Dan Raymore(DJRBWI)

    Chat Moderators
  • Mike "Grizz" Newton (grizz117)
  • John Bryant (sarkri)
  • Mike Borolla (Altonabout)
  • Mark Hornstein (MarkH153)
  • Jim McPherson (jimmcp)

Desciption of Forum Positions:

  • Wizard - the Forum's host and #1 boss, the Wizard has complete control over the Forum. Each Forum has only one Wizard at a time. The member who creates a Forum is, by default, the Wizard. The MTF Wizard has the final say in all matters.
  • Associate Wizard - Delphi does not have an Associate Wizard title. This title is to recognize the member that shares ownership of the forum with the Wizard by assuming responsibility when the Wizard is not available. The Associate Wizard has the same privileges as an Assistant Manager. If the Wizard is not available, final say goes to the Associate Wizard.
  • Assistant Manager - the 2nd in command. Assistant Managers can do all the things a Wizard can do except add or remove other Assistant Managers and change a Forum's public/private status. If the Wizard and Associate Wizard are not available, final say goes to the Assistant Manager.
  • Assistant Manager, Chat - Delphi does not have this designation. The Assistant Manager, Chat have the same privileges as the Assistant Manager but has the additional responsibility to monitor and promote the MTF Chat Room.
  • Forum Editor - These members are message board moderators. They are able to edit/delete all messages, manage discussions, promote discussions and gag/lock-out members. Editors may not use the Control Center. MTF Forum Editors are expected to read all messages daily and make decisions with regard to inappropriate material. The MTF supports freedom of opinion but will not tolerate personal attacks or brand bashing. This is not about censorship; it is about maintaining the goal of having the friendliest motorcycle forum on the Internet. This does not happen by deleting peoples messages. The first course of action it to advise them off net and request that they edit their own message.
  • Chat Moderator - the guiding force behind successful conversations. Can use the chat moderator commands but cannot access the Forum's control center. The MTF Chat Moderators are expected to promote the MTF Chat Room. This can be done by just logging on and being available for chat. It can also be done by setting up special chat with guests or special topics.

Past Members of the MTF Board of Directors
The forum members listed below served on the MTF Board Of Directors in the past. We owe them a great deal of gratitude for their willingness to serve, leadership and contributions that helped the MTF grow and improve into the great place it is today.

  • Alan Leduc (AL2000(1343) ~ Founder, President & Director Emeritus
  • John Wynes (XGMan2) ~ President & Director - Flower Sniffin'
  • Kevin Lechner (leck63) ~ President, Director - Long Distance Riding & Director, Member Services
  • Roger Bliss (Wheeldog) ~ Director - Forum Management
  • Jason Jonas (nankoweap) ~ Director - Long Distance Riding
  • Dawn Penning (Wings(Bird750) ~ Director - Forum Management
  • Bill Neese (Just Bill(bneese1)) ~ Director & Secretary
  • Terry Braud (TB(tbraud1)) ~ Vice President & Treasurer
  • Dan Huber (MapMaker(EODMaps)) ~ Director - Rough Road Riding
  • Bill Schneider (WMTS) ~ Director - Flower Sniffin'
  • Barb Smith (agmom98) ~ Vice President & Director - Member Services
  • Dan Leffert (ks6c) ~ Director - Long Distance Riding
  • Wanda Grubbs (WW (wgrubbs)) ~ Director - Flower Sniffin'
  • Mike McCormick (BankshotVTX) ~ Director, Treasurer/Secretary

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